ProofGrade Projects and Pre-Release: Glow-:glowforge: Earrings and luggage tags


Saying farewell to the introductory topic and launching a new set of prints. More details on these tomorrow and also that promised interface post. These are all drafted by me in Inkscape and brought straight on. I had the G drawn out months ago. Slapped a shape around it. Design isn’t my strength but you’ll be amazed at what you can do.

Above is my cat Cole modeling his new charm.

Parishioners visited and she got nice Glowforge earrings. She was the one who got me the celotex and lots of other materials. Her hubby got personalized luggage tags. Not posting this because personal data Now obscured.

These were made with the ProofGrade walnut. It just works. It is so luscious.

Finally, these are the iterations of the charm and earrings. Lots to tell about the process. Zoom in and look at the smallest one with top hole. The top hole is minuscule. And it goes all the way back with a full barrel. Included is the swarf that looks good on its own. Wooden stamps? You bet. Redid after for strength. More on process tomorrow. Off to sleep.


ut o if your cat gets lost it may be sent to GF HQ


Cole is so cute! He look a little grumpy, probably cause he didn’t get earrings*.

*Cats probably don’t like earrings.


He loves them, especially if he’s on the back of the couch and someone has large earings that dangle.


Thanks for including the caliper for scale! Lookin’ good. It’ll be nice to quickly work through iterations like this.


Sweet! Great work & keep 'em coming. The fineness of detail continues to amaze me!


On those charms where you added more strength to the center portion of the logo by joining it together, you might have been able to do a shallow wide engrave to keep in looking like the original logo.


Wow - that’s some amazing detail… I can’t wait to see some of the other woods, too!


Magnificent work! Please do keep starting topics for these, it makes them easier to find when we do show-and-tell with customer prints at company meetings. :wink:


These are really lovely. Unfortunately because of some unexpected legalese regarding use of the logo, @dan now owns your cat. I’m terribly sorry.


And parishioner. That poor, poor parishioner…


Wow. Very cool. And inspiring. I know it would be a bad idea, but I am absolutely thinking about that thread on marking titanium and wondering how thin a piece of foil would have to be so you could cut it. (IIRC, the engraved groove got some noticeable fraction of a millimeter deep before the process Broke the Glowforge)

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Yes sleep sweet, thoughtful and hard working @marmak3261!!!

Sweet dreams of glowforge projects dancing in your head :grin:

Thanks again for all you are doing. We get to see a glowforge in action. Seeing it through your eyes of awe and excitement helps and give me awe and excitement too!!! :wink:

I hope that made sense :flushed:


He looks a little grumpy hehe he’s a cat that’s just their normal look of who cares hehe :yum:

Remember I am a cat person with two cats so said with love :kissing_heart:


Great work @marmak3261 - You not being a designer makes us non designers happy with what can be achieved :slight_smile:


It managed to cut ~1.2mm into a thick piece of titanium after 400 passes, but when I tried the thin stuff (0.5mm thick) it ended up warping and not working. :confused:

Maybe if you could keep the piece of titanium cool a thin piece could be cuttable.


Please do keep trying and let me know what happens :smile:
… hope it works out :slight_smile:

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@marmak3261 Those look great! The Glowforge logo was earring inspiration for me, too! I designed these to wear at the World Maker Faire in NY last October.


I was thinking of this, obsessive that I am, and wondering whether you could temporarily glue the foil to a sacrificial backer of wood or acrylic or something, maybe with PVA. Then you could do the heat-and-color thing followed by a cut, then soak to remove. Maybe.

Just wondering are you trying to use this for jewelry purposes??? Have you tried using this silver clay that’s 100% silver and you can shape it however you may like it and then you just need to “bake” it to have it settled the way you like it?? I was thinking maybe you could use it and have the laser cut any design and since it is pretty hot maybe it “bakes” it while cutting it… it could work, i really don’t know but it would be amazing if it did!

If not for jewelry purposes the idea is still cool though hehe :wink: