Proofgrade Shipment Packaging

Received my first :proofgrade: shipment yesterday other than the stuff that came with the machine and was a bit disappointed in the shipment packaging. The original shipment the materials were shrink wrapped to protect them from light moisture and keep them as a solid unit for shipping with padding on both sides. This shipment however was 6 loose boards tossed into a oversized box with a small square of padding on one side that added nothing to protect them. The box showed a bit of distress from shipping and a few of them have minor corner damage, I was able to compress them back down so they should sit flat. One board if held flat on one end is 3/8"~1/2" off the table on the other end and two others just slightly.

I’ve ordered the recommended magnets off of Amazon to see if that will help as I have not needed anything to hold my other material flat and put some heavy objects on the :proofgrade: boards to reduce the curve.

It’d be nice if they were ‘banded’ together with a roll of plastic wrap and packaged in a box that they didn’t have so much room to gain momentum when tossed around in shipment.

PS… :wave: Hi all! I am new posting but lurked for two months reading all the great info!


They seem to be a little inconsistent on the packaging quality…I lost nearly a whole shipment of acrylic one time because the tape didn’t hold; by the time it got to me only 2 sheets were left. (Fortunately GF is great at making up for such losses, but it sucks to have to wait another week or two to get what you wanted!)

Since then the packaging has usually been a little bit better and nothing’s been lost or ruined, but it’s still definitely not up to the same standards as, say, Inventables.


Well the box held up, its got a little bit of compression on one end but it kept the contents in! My GF arrived without the :proofgrade: so I ran out and bought two 4x8’ sheets I cut up and had been using without any warp issue. Then shortly after that the sample pack arrived and I forgot about it. LOL. Finally got around to doing other projects and decided to order up some Walnut, Cherry and Maple in both 1/8" and 3/16" plywood.

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that seems to be consistent. Got a shipment with all of the plastic balloon padding deflated and the tape was loose. Support was quick to give me a credit for the damage to some of the product so cudos to them. But its not Amazon packaging to be sure…

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I’ve had some pretty horrendous Amazon packaging in the past. Not so much recently though, come to think of it.

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@bkressley Happy Birthday!

I’ve had my share of bad Amazon packages but generally stuff is packaged well inside another box/package and can survive. Loose boards with 2~4" of space to gain momentum in a free-fall is not good.


I’m sorry to hear about this, @DaveL. I’ve passed your feedback to our shipping team to make sure we trace back the issue.

We appreciate the feedback!