Proofgrade store ship notifications missing or delayed


On September 1, I got this e-mail:

We’re delighted to receive your order, which we’ve assigned #R535510686. We’re working right now to get it packaged and sent for you just as soon as we possibly can. It shouldn’t take long - most orders leave the building in two days or less - and we’ll send you another email update as soon as we’ve shipped it out to you.

I just got a My UPS notification that a package from MODUSLINK/GLOWFORGE is arriving tomorrow. But I never got that “another email update”. Apparently I’m not the only one.

In the grand scheme of things, this is fairly unimportant, but having been the guy who finds out that e-mail server has been misconfigured for a month and nobody mentioned it, I figured I’d mention it.


I get the UPS notification and the Glowforge notification on the same day, not sure who beats who to the punch, but I’ve noticed that if it actually ships on a Tuesday, I get both emails on Wednesday.


When I ordered Proofgrade, I got the UPS notification in the morning (8:30am or so) and got the shipment notification email from Glowforge in the early afternoon (about 1:30pm.) So it’s probably coming.


This doesn’t fix the notification issue from Glowforge (which was good to bring up!) - but there are a number of different notification types you can enable/disable in the My Choice settings. One of those is when a package originates to your destination. I believe that is turned off in the default config.


They’re definitely slow getting those shipment notifications out. My Glowforge shipped on August 25th, but I didn’t receive a shipment notification until the 28th. Similarly, my first order from the Proofgrade store popped up in the the UPS tracking system on August 31st, but I didn’t get a shipment notification until September 2nd.


Thank you for the heads up. In this case, My UPS was quick and you’ll be hearing from us shortly. I’ll pass on the feedback.