Prototyping for leather


EVA foam seems like a pretty good stand-in for leather. It’s more melty, so it has a bigger kerf, but it makes up for that by being similar in terms of pliability and texture. :slight_smile:

Apple Watch Band

Well, that’s cool! What did you use to fasten it? :grinning:


This stuff @timjedwards told me about:


The * says fingers only take 15 seconds :wink:

Sigh. And if I had actually read the fine print instead of making a joke… the fine print actually says instantly.


I guess that’s why the first two words of the instructions are “wear gloves.” :wink:


Neato! Where did you buy your foam?


Pretty much any of the craft stores have it. I got mine at Craft Warehouse. It’s 0.08" thick, and came in a rainbow stack of 5" x 7"-ish sheets.


Really nice job! Also, there are so many color choices!


Thank you for this Tip Geek2nurse, your strap came out looking great too. Would you also share your settings with this material too, to get a good starting point on how to cut and engrave ? Cheers :slightly_smiling_face:


I used the settings posted here: