Purple Button & Machine Unresponsive

Need a little help. The machine stopped, the timer was still ticking down. Restarted the machine, but is still unresponsive. Thanks in advance!

Dan has said the purple button means the same as a yellow button, and that I think should give an error message in the UI. Usually reflecting an overheating condition I think. Is it warm there?

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No error message of any kind…

Dan also said that the purple color is not used anymore, and it is caused by some old code. Perhaps that’s why there is no associated error message.
Is it warm there?


Houston is always warm/humid, but my first Pro unit never had this problem. I gave it another try and restart the machine a moment ago. It is working okay now. :muscle: I think it’s her way of letting me know that she needed a break. :joy:


Noticed the message now on the screen…


Yeah, I’m guessing the purple button doesn’t trigger an error message since it is unused code now. Just a guess.
The need to pause is aggravating, but the temperature profile is optimized to prevent damage to the tube… which would be really aggravating! Same with power. The tube will never be driven to the maximum because it would shorten tube life, so it is governed.


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Purple is still used when the unit reboots into “recovery” mode (when you hold the button while turning it on).
It is also used when the unit is reset by the watchdog timer (when the whole system hangs).

Neither mode actually do anything…

This would be the first time I’ve heard of it being caused by a temperature issue. New stuff all the time.


Thanks Scott :+1:

Got the same purple light on my first engrave in at least a month this afternoon. Everything froze with no errors. Ambient temperature was a solid 62F (Pro). 90 seconds into a 4 minute engrave. Identical symptoms to a unit that was recently replaced.

Worked fine after a power cycle. Reported to Support.

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Thanks for the update :ok_hand:

Like @rpegg said, a power cycle will reset it.

Not a major concern if it is a rare occurrence, but best to report it to Support (which you did by opening this thread).

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Much appreciated for everyone’s inputs. My pro seems to be running fine now.

Thanks for letting us know about this and providing those details. I’ve passed it onto the team and we’re looking into it. It’m glad to see you were able to get back up and printing since starting this thread. If this problem reoccurs, please start a new thread or email us as support@glowforge.com.