Purple Button on Setup

Unboxed my GF today and started the setup process. Button was Teal but couldn’t connect to our company WiFi because it was blocking the MAC address. Thought I’d resolved that, turned the unit off/on and button was white. Held it down for 10 sec and it turned Teal but still couldn’t connect. Now when I turn the machine on and hold down the button, it’s Purple and won’t connect to even my mobile hotspot. I couldn’t find a resolution when searching similar topics. Thanks for your help.

Glowing teal means its broadcasting a WiFi signal and your device needs to connect to it to tell the Glowforge where to connect.


Thanks. I can connect my PC to the GF, but the GF won’t connect to any of our available networks. Not sure if the fact the button won’t turn Teal after 10 seconds is part of the issue or not.

After you tell it your wifi name and password, from then on it will not make it’s own wifi to connect to. It will always try to connect to your WiFi and talk directly to Glowforge servers. (No more teal.)

To operate the machine at that point, you always have to go to app.glowforge.com from anywhere on the internet and use the Glowforge servers. No more connecting things to the Glowforge. You only do that for first time setup.

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The problem might be because your company uses Enterprise WPA2. Glowforge does not support it currently.

That’s good to know. It should still be able to connect to my Verizon Android phone hotspot, correct? Not even that’s working for me :frowning:

You’re not holding down the button and then turning the machine on are you? Don’t do that if you are. The button being purple means the machine has booted into a special mode, according to previous posts. Wait for the machine to boot up and then hold the button down for 10 seconds to reset the password.


Thank you! That got things back to Teal, and I was able to connect to our WiFi. I look forward to spending the afternoon playing with the GF :slight_smile:


I’m sorry to hear that you had a rough start but I’m glad that you’re up and printing!

I’m going to close this thread but if you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to start a new thread or email support@glowforge.com.