Supported Wireless Protocols (WEP/WPA & WPA2/WPA2 Enterprise)

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Back in Feb you said…

Since a lot of time has passed since the last time I asked this question- Do you know if the shipping GF firmware will support WPA2 Enterprise? And if not, Is that something that’s in the ‘Hopper ™’?

That’s somewhat important for my setup.


Mine too, especially the supported password length (some wireless-chip firmware does not support long passwords).

WPA2 Enterprise is important for me, too, if I’m going to be able to keep my GF at work. (And at the moment I plan to.)

Otherwise I’ll have to set up a rogue wireless network and hope to avoid the wrath of the people who run the official one.

In the hopper for sure.


Thanks @dan.

I guess I should get proactive and create a secondary SSID /w WPA. Speaking of which-

How does the glowforge handle routing? i.e. If I am on VLAN A and the Glowforge is on VLAN B is the plug-in/web app going to throw a fit during the setup phase? From everything I’ve read, ALL traffic from the GF is WAN bound. (Client > Internet > “Cloud” > Internet > Glowforge)

Normally there would be a ‘Advanced Configuration’ dialog box so you can specify the IP- But in this case (Since the GF does not have a display) that’s not really possible. Since the device discovery process has not been discussed nor mentioned, I am going to assume that the Webapp/Plug-in scans the local subnet for a 'Forge or the 'Forge creates a ‘hotspot’ in which you connect to it, Then configure it in a adhoc scenario. If that’s the case then inter-VLAN operations should not be an issue.

So basically the question is do you need local discovery at first for the setup process? (i.e. MDNS or the likes?) Then afterwards it relies on the cloud for all operations? Or there is an adhoc tool you use to configure a blank 'Forge where it pairs to the SSID of choice then starts chatting with the GF Cloud?

During setup, your Glowforge announces an access point, you connect to it from a device (e.g. laptop), and get a configuration webpage.


Nice. Thanks.

I was wondering about this! Thanks Dan.

I am just now getting my device setup on our University network and was wondering what the status was on Enterprise wifi?

We have not yet deployed WPA2 Enterprise support.