QOTD from Glowforge: What do you do with your time (professionally and/or personally)?

I wonder if you could fine tune it enough to score but not cut your paper - that would make folding go a lot faster!

I believe the answer was yes, but here is a thread about that.

Professionally: I am a Realtor and Real Estate Investor in the Washington D.C. Metro.

Personally: I am a Cosplayer and new Mom. I help others discover the art of Cosplay through a non-profit I helped start called Studio Cosplay. We have a community workshop where we create costumes for comic book and sci-fi conventions. I also throw a lot of themed parties.

Crafting and creating is part of my everyday life, so I expect to be using the Glowforge to create everything from costumes to toys. My husband would really like me to build him some Starcraft armor and this might be the perfect tool to create that. I am also looking forward to all the great real estate signs and cool marketing materials I am going to make; not to mention home improvement fixes. So many possibilities!!


Welcome @marvelgirl2010. You joined the forum at a great time. So many threads to participate in, but the Show and Tell of your cosplay woujld be nifty.


Professionally: I do SEO. Kind of stumbled into it after starting college in software engineering a d working my way over to 3d modeling by the time I graduated. Very excited to have a great tool that can tie in with the 3d modeling.

Personally: I’m either playing games with my husband and the Destiny clan we run or at the gym. On the weekends it’s board games with friends. I know how I plan to use the Glowforge for clan goodies, in costuming and for board games. I’m still keeping an eye out for things I can make that solve issues at the gym.

Agreed! I would love to see your work.

Here you go:

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Thanks for the link! I read too many things today and can no longer connect dots. I actually do remeber seeing that post earlier and remember thinking how amazing it all was. Haha

I manage a Software performance testing team for CapitalOne. I’m a consummate agilist certified SCM/PO and Agile coach.

At home is where I have the real fun… with 2 CNCs a 3D printer, machine and wood lathes, and countless other tools. I design a lot of RC gear and robots in solidworks.
Can’t wait to have my GF at home, there is a long list of projects I have planned.


I’m now a professional retired person. I enjoy making jewelry, stained glass, CNC wood carved signs and I’m a collector of most anything. Soon to embark on laser engraving and who knows what else I may do. One of my favorite pastime is wood overlay coin rings


Hello fellow retiree!
Those of us in that group have the luxury of the Glowforge for our enjoyment, without the pressure to produce an income with it.
Please elaborate a bit on the workflow of the rings!


That’s beautiful. What kind of wood is that? Fascinating grain.

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I’m not sure what wood it is. I purchased a laminated wood pack and it has about 12 different species of exotic woods. You can purchase this pack on Amazon. These sheets are as thin as a cereal boxes and excellent to use in bentwood ring making. I also make guitar picks with them. I cut the sheets into strips and use Hobbybond to bond the wood together then I sand it down to look as if made with one piece of wood. Defiantly a lot of fun and rewarding when the product turns out well.


Hello I make the rings from various coins from the U.S. and beyond. The best way to explain on how to make a coin ring is go to YouTube and there are some very good videos on this. I saw a video on how to make wood rings and I thought how unique it would be to incorporate wood with the coin rings. I know there is a man that makes coin rings with exotic woods and deer antler.


Very cool reading about what everybody does professionally and in their off time.

Profesionally: I am a VFX Compositor. You guys ever seen those behind the scene movie brweakdowns where they show the original footage and then the final shot? Thats basically what I do. I’ve worked on major TV network shows and some features. You can see my credit list on my IMDB page here.

Persoally: I love tattoos, food, cartoons, and 3d printing. Pretty much i’m a kid at heart. I love all the nerd and geeky stuff out there. Pretty much sums me up :grin:


Wow! Quite the repertoire! You’ve worked on some shows that I regularly watch!! :slight_smile:


Wow! Neat stuff. I love Arturo Perez-Reverte and looking forward to Queen of the South. Liked the 12 Monkeys too.

Welcome to the Glowforge Forum Jorge!


Thank you so much for such a lovely comment! I officially have a gallery space to exhibit my next big installation and I can’t wait to get my glowforge to help me make it!


I’ve been lurking here for months, now I can finally introduce myself :wink:

Professionally: I am a fill time minister (20+ years). Looking forward to find creative ways to put the glowforge to work. I like using visual aids and the like when I speak, so now I’ll have a new tool in my arsenal.

Personally: I’m married (20 years now) with 2 incredible sons, one in JH one in HS. I love all things Geekdom! My family enjoys eating out and going to the movies together. A couple years ago we offered our boys the option between a day at six-flags, or a meal at the best steak house in Texas (2 hour drive to Houston for that). My boys chose a steak over a roper-coaster. Their Mama must have done something right! Love any kind of sci-fi, action, animated movies. As long as they are entertaining, then I’m good. Star Wars rules, just in case there was any confusion on that matter. Favorite fun reading would have to be Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, David Eddings, among others. As far as what I look forward to with the Glowforge: I enjoy design: game design, particularly table-top games. Looking forward to my Glowforge to allow for easier prototyping. My wife and I also plan to make some spirit (school) designs for the little schools in our area. Things like leather bracelets, some acrylic jewelry, etc. love living in a small town, but the selection on that kind of stuff stinks. Anyway, just happy to be here, looking forward to my GFPro. I guess I should also say, “Thank you,” to everyone on the forums that have already provided a lot of inspiration on what can be done with it once we get it.