QOTD from Glowforge: What Proofgrade materials do you want?


I’d be happy with most anything, but Baltic birch in 1/8 & 1/4-in, clear and two toned acrylics, Delrin, leather, a Ceramark sample, and some hardwood would be at the top of my list, especially anything that lasers better when bought as ProofGuard quality. If generic acrylic and Delrin laser well, then I’d rather have something else.


  • 2-tone acrylics
  • Metallic-look and mirrored Acrylic
  • Clear Acrylic
  • Neon Acrylic
  • Anodized Aluminum (sheets, dogtags, coin-shaped?)
  • wood varieties - ply, hardwoods, bamboo
  • adhesive-backed paper/mylar
  • Delrin
  • Stamp-making materials
  • Leather

It would be great to be able to cut an OSHA laser warning sign immediately.
We can’t cut metal, but we can cut stuff that looks like metal, and want to.
Edge-lit ideas
Neon Acrylic looks so cool
Anodized (in color) aluminum to engrave, shaped pieces because not everyone has a way to cut metal
Wood because boxes and stuff
Sticky-paper for stickers or stencils.
Delrin for trying to make letter-press typesets and embossing
Stamp material for stamps.
Wearable and useful item like bracelets, wallet, the Dan’s Bag v2.



Sam - you can make living hinge projects using 1/4" too. In fact they are somewhat sturdier because of the extra thickness of the material. I’m making a business card box for my son for his college graduation next week that uses living hinges for the corners of the sides.



When I read this, my eyes perked up. [quote=“elsman18, post:12, topic:2087”]
traditional cuckoo clocks.

When my dear mother passed a year and a half ago, this family cuckoo clock came into my possession. Made in Germany, it was purchased here in Oregon perhaps around 1910. I was so used to hearing the ticking and the sounds of the birds that it became part of normal household noise and I would forget it was even there.
I just thought you might appreciate seeing it. It’s about 22" high. From what I’ve heard, a rather large one.



My post was a response to, “what materials do you want glowforge to source and carry.” Was that the intent, or are you gathering feedback on the reward materials for the delay? Just curious if we’re all thinking the same way.

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For me,

•1/4 plywood
•1/8 plywood
• Thicker (1/2" or more) Delrin sheets. I’d use these to make leather embossing plates with designs of my own. perfect for my leatherworking projects!
•Acrylic sheets

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Assorted hardwoods & two tone acrylic would be my preference



I second this desire for multi-colored engravable acrylic/material. I don’t know that I would buy much “rainbow” myself, but I can imagine signage and art uses for combos like Black-white-red, black-yellow-red, Red-Green-Blue, Cyan-Magenta-Yellow-blacK, Black-white-gold, Black-DarkSilver-LightSilver, Black-Color-Clear (for edge-lighting).

No idea how feasible it would be to actually produce, though.



I see what you did there…



That is really a beautiful clock. thank you for taking the time to upload the picture for me. When I get my first clock finished I will make sure and post a picture too.



1/8" Baltic Birch & assorted hardwoods
varying thicknesses of bamboo
Leather or leather substitute
Assorted thicknesses flexible foam
1/8" Double-sided-smooth hardboard
Wide range of acrylic
felt/wool for lining jewelry box’s
Laserable substitute for vinyl stickers
Varying thicknesses of papers, card stock, corrugated cardboard

Thanks for asking!



In my gift initially? I’d like a mix of many things:

  • various hardwoods in a few dimensions
  • multi-layer acrylics
  • acrylics for side-lit effects
  • leathers
  • Delrin and such
  • etc.

In the store? Wow. I don’t know yet. All that, I suppose. And more…



I have no idea where to begin on materials because I know absolutely nothing. So, for the newbs in here, I vote a good mix of everthing:

  • Different types of wood
  • Acrylic (clear and a color or two)
  • Leather

I’m assuming you guys would probably do that anyway, but I know some of the more knowledgable people in here would want to skip over the stuff they already know they can use or have easy access to. I, on the other hand, will have a lot of learning to do, and just need a good mixed bag to start so I know what I want to do more of, or know what the next step on materials I want to experiment with would be.



I was originally trying to think of a CMYK method where if you engrave from top AND bottom to have only 1 layer of thickness remaining (either solid tone or half and half) at every point.

I think it would be interesting to play with, but the difficulty of keeping everything attached would make it better to just combine pieces of multiple single color acrylics. Would still be fun to toy with.



I would love an assortment of hardwoods. The boxes I am making would look great out of some different exotic woods.



I had been thinking of zero-assembly simple three-color signs like these:

The thoughts of RGB or CMYK stacks were that they could yield some really cool effects when engraving photographs using halftone patterns… maybe in conjunction with edge-lighting…
not a fully realized idea by any means.



Oh, doing those signs as a single piece would be excellent. Probably quite a few things would look good in B/W/? for extra emphasis capacity.



Nice! I got a smaller one from my great aunt…need to replace the bellows…sounds like a laser project (they are made of leather…)

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Preference would be:

  • Assorted hardwoods
  • Two tone acrylic samples
  • Leather
  • 1/4" plywood


1/8-1/4" curly maple/ maple, oak, cherry
1/8"-1/4" plywood
Acrilic any thinkness