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I hope this is the right place to post my question. I am working on a project where scrapbook paper is glued to my board before cutting. I figured out a way to glue my paper to the board that works amazingly, but my problem is the scorch marks. If I don’t mask it leaves scorch marks on the finished pieces, so I tried using the masking tape I have always used just on plain boards, which is just the basic blue painters tape. When I go the take the tape off it almost always pulls my paper off the boards. I see there is such thing as low tack masking tape but I’m wondering if anyone has any experience with this type of thing and knows a good brand to buy. Or if you have any other ideas on how to eliminate the scorch marks, I would greatly appreciate it!!

Thanks so much!


Check out #2:

As for your use case check out these posts, where I glue cardstock to wood and then mask it prior to cutting. It works great with medium tack masking.

Have fun!


If the low tack masking doesn’t work, consider putting the paper side down. I would elevate it off the honeycomb tray so the flash back doesn’t char the paper.


Medium worked fine for me. I would start there personally. It’s a much more versatile masking. Low tack has few applications.

Besides, you can always turn medium into low with the t shirt trick.


Thank you so much for responding!! I will try both of your suggestions. I appreciate you both so much!!


You want low tack? Stick it to a rug or blanket first.

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