Questions about the beta units

So I haven’t seen anything yet on the beta units. Are they beta hardware and software or just beta software? Is is possible to update a beta hardware unit to production hardware?

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Did you not see this topic? Glowforge Volunteer Corps

Beta H/W and S/W. After the test program is complete the Beta units are returned to the company.


The beta program should start in a few weeks.
It will be both Hardware and software testing. (might be different for different testers)
All of the beta units will be returned at the end of the beta process.
The beta units are NOT finished units

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Sorry I did not see that post. Thank you.

No need to be sorry, that is why the members are here.
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So I am giving the glowforge as a xmas gift
At that time, he may want to be part of the beta testers
He is degreed ceramist and works at an art school in Detroit (Center for
creative studies)
He is the web manager and teaches technology courses to the kids.
He might be a good candidate to see how this technology works for the home


  1. Read this
  2. Then go here

Also, go to the link below! :wink:

Will it affect my unit in anyway? (The one I pre-Ordered)
Will I have to pay any sort of fee for getting it and or sending it back?
May I show it on YouTube?

no, no, and it depends on whether you get a public or private beta unit. I doubt they will want anything on youtube until things are closer to production quality.

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Is there a time estimate on how long you will run Beta tests until you start rolling out production units?