Quick and easy tablet holder


So I’ve been needing a tablet holder for when my reading at the kitchen table is electronic the tablet doesn’t lie flat.
I found this over at Ponoko, it gives two different angles without any mechanical adjustment.

The hard part was that if comes as an eps file. Turns out that Vcarve Pro will import eps and export SVG.

The file said it was for 1/4" so I grabbed some Homedepot 1/4" that mikes out to .200". Well, it was way too loose so I went back into Vcarve and tweaked things and cut again. it could still be tighter but it will be fine.
I need to clean it up and finish it. shame there is no 1/4" proofgrade yet. Maybe I’ll cut one from plexiglass? Now I have to know what the Proofgrade acrylic mikes out to? Hold on… It mikes out to .236" let’s give it a try with the original. Cutting now, hold on…

20 minutes later…
Why didn’t I just try that the first time? still a hair loose but a drop of glue and it will be good to go.

This whole thing illustrates why I love to model in F360 so much. If this was my model I’d just punch the actual measured thickness into f360 and BAM everything would adjust.

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Nice! Thanks!!


One of the F360 evangelists did a video for a laptop desk. It was basically this design. I’ll see if I can find the video tonight.
There was some good design technique if nothing else since you’ve already built the part.

Edit: found. Not exact but it’s CAD so…


Isn’t it sweet to be able to whip up an everyday object that performs a useful function, customized to your specs? Can’t wait! (And this huge stack of 1/4" cast acrylic i have is really calling to me).


I am curious how the Home Depot plywood cut for you. I know there is some concern about hidden knots and the glue being hard to cut. Did you run into any issues other than the thickness? I can see lots of uses for low cost prototype fabrication materials vs premium finished products.


Coolness again! Don’t you love being able to make what you need at the drop of a hat? :hedgie::glowforge:


I’ve watched this but I’ll watch it again. I liked the one I found and just wanted to see how off the shelf would print. If I find myself doing several I’ll model it so that it is parametric.


Oh a huge stack of acrylic. Me jelly. I have to ration mine.


The stuff I am getting is pretty consistent, I’ve only had one time that it was cutting fine and then didn’t go through for a distance.
That said, I love the 1/8 Proofgrade and look fwd to it existing in 1/4.


Yes indeed! I also made two shop stools on the cnc yesterday. Look for that in off topic later.


Thanks for the info and good to know. I am sure the Proofgrade is going to be wonderful.


I really like the clear acrylic one. Very functional design too.:smiley:


Does inkscape not handle EPS files?


Sadly, no. A long list that does not include eps.



I think it is possible to open EPS files using microsoft word and save as PDF, for those folks without VCarve.
(and without photoshop and Illustrator both of which open eps files fine)


I ran into this .eps issue when I bought some vector art off of iStockPhoto to use in Fusion360, when I was designing for my 3D printer. I found a website that will convert .eps to .svg. This was the least-sketchy site that I found. It worked well, but I’d love to find a more elegant solution :slight_smile:


Also, I can vouch for F360’s awesomeness. Whenever I use it, I’m amazed that I can use it for free :slight_smile:


It was just your comment about F360 and if your model that had me dig this out.
Glad you got what you wanted, that is what counts.


Very nice and simple !!I’d like to mount a button battery and leds into the cross piece so when the tablet is set in the “weight” (e.g.a button switch) would light the leds (edge glow the stand)


If you go to his site (cartonus.com), he has a download for this with different file formats and already scaled for about 4 different thicknesses of material. I made three this weekend on an Epilog I have access to currently out of some 5mm stock and they look great.