R2D2 on 6mm ply

Hey folks,

Just saw this pop up on a closed laser group on FB. None of it is my work. Plans for sale are 20$.

From the creator:(he is Russian, so it’s a tad off in grammer I think)

So, instruction for R2D2 is ready. My assistant has beautifully issued the instruction :slight_smile: and now I can sell plans. The cost of the plan for 6 mm (about 1/4 inch) + the instruction of $20. Inside it is possible to put a standard wine bottle.


wow!!! I love it!!! I will need to buy those plans!!:squee: :squee::squee:


Looks like a lot of fun. I suspect once we all get designing there will be lots of plans coming out :slight_smile:


Looks like a big project. Do you have a picture of a finished R2 D2 yet? :grinning:


None that I have seen posted. There are people asking for finished pics. For 20$ it is in the upper range of my “gamble price range”. I’ll keep you guys posted if one does come out.

PM me if you want a copy of the plans, I’ll get his email. Or maybe we can group buy? Like 4-5 of us(or more) go in on it?


The problem isn’t $20 for plans, but thinking about this on proofgrade ply, this will be a lot more than $20 of materials… Likely well over $100 to make.

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Why on proofgrade ply. A standard ply can’t be use?


While I’m tempted, I’m going to guess the designer does not have copyright permission and I try and not knowingly support such endeavors. :-/ Looks cool though.


Exactly. I plan to be using standard Baltic birch. Between exchange rates and boarders , I will not be getting any proof grade


Someone on Facebook made one:


I think it’s cute. Not sure how many people would use it as a wine caddy

Very cool!

Are my eyes playing tricks or are these tabs not aligned? Both the plans and the photo looks a bit skewed, but I honestly can’t tell for sure. I’m just thinking about what it would take to design tabs for trapezoidal shapes…


yeah, I was wondering about that too…


He looks oddly Dalekie (it’s a word!).


Might be nice to use as a box when giving wine to some one. :blush:


Someone should make an edit of Staw Wars where every one of R2’s bleeps is replaced by “Exterminate!” … I bet it would be hilarious.


I hear you. Problem is, for years the Star Wars franchise (George Lucas) actually encouraged things like this. Unless you were trying to copy something they already had on the shelf (or found something that made you millions) they didn’t care, and like I said, at times encouraged creativity. Now that Disney owns all the rights I’m sure that is no longer the case.


Yeah… I would think that’s the case if it’s something that you aren’t trying to sell. Once you try to make money off of their IP, I would assume they would come after you. Did you see the story about the “Jedi Training Camp” or light-saber academy or something that got a cease & desist? I get it from Disney/Lucasfilm’s perspective… had that academy just called itself something different I’m sure there wouldn’t be any problems.

This is just blatant thievery of an IP. That said, I’d love to have one!


True. Granted you can make anything you want for personal use. Side note: I actually think the old (Lucas) approach of encouraging this type of thing was better in the long run. It put a lot of stuff out there (none of which was probably that profitable) and kept the franchise constantly at the front of people’s awareness. Probably gave them some great ideas for stuff to produce. Sometimes companies get so caught up with the idea that someone might be making a dime off their IP, that they fail to realize the added value to the brand could be worth much more than the dime. Granted, it’s their IP so they can do with it as they wish. Now I would say if someone tried to set up a whole business based on my IP, then I would probably want to have a chat with them as well. Even then, if it was a good idea I might try to promote licensing (like say with the Jedi Camp…)

Fear of losing a dime sometimes can cost you a fortune. Not to mention every time a big corporation goes after a little guy, public opinion can be harsh, especially with the prevalence of social media. To this day I have no respect for the Snapple brand after what they did to the Dublin Dr. Pepper bottling plant. Where they legally within their rights? Sure. Was it stupid on their part. Absolutley.

Conjecture and opinion–gotta love it!


I always think about Calvin and Hobbes when these IP discussions come up. Could Watterson make huge :moneybag: by allowing C&H to be licensed? Absolutely. Are other people making money off of his IP? Sure, but not at the level that officially licensed stuff would. In the end he doesn’t want it out there for whatever reason, and for the most part, that has remained the case.

Watterson doesn’t care about money. Disney only cares about money. Both actively try to keep their IP in check for different reasons, but both are still valid.