Rasterized Fill Pattern no printable elements

Hello! I’ve made numerous name puzzles printing a pattern on each individual letter. My process on illustrator was to fill the letters with a pattern then rasterize then export that layer, which has worked without a hitch up till now.

Now when I go to import this svg. file into the glow forge app it states there’s no printable elements.

What has changed on glowforge as I can’t determine no change on my end?

Thanks for your help in advance!

If you’d like to share your SVG I’d be happy to poke inside and help you diagnose what went wrong. Feel free to direct message it to me if you’d like to keep it more private.


That would be awesome! Thank you!

[Dropbox - Name Puzzle THIN 805 nadal print pattern.svg - Simplify your life]

It’s odd that when I go look at the file uploaded onto dropbox I don’t see a preview of the image I would think I would see which would be what I on finder on my Mac. Not sure if that’s a dropbox thing.

But let me know if the files is even downloadable for you.

Thanks again!

I took a look.

Your file is definitely rasterized. It actually looks to me there’s no vector information at all in the file, in which case it makes more sense to just export it as a PNG rather than embedding the raster inside the SVG.

I do actually think something changed on the GFUI side of things. Because we saw a similar problem over on this thread:

The fix over there was to use “Save as…” instead of “Export as…” when saving to SVG.

It seems Illustrator uses different transforms in those two cases, and the latter one isn’t understood correctly by GFUI.

You also might try PDF. Sometimes when folks have weird problems with SVG and Illustrator, they find PDF works more consistently.

Good luck!


Thanks so much for your time looking into my file and sharing the previous thread!
Always cool to see how helpful the Glowforge community is!

…and using “Save as…” did the job!
Thanks again!


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