Ravenclaw Anodized Aluminum Phone Case

My child is a “Ravenclaw” and customized a case for her. (She loves Harry Potter)

I was worried, I only had one shot at this and my camera alignment is about 1/16th to 1/8th inch off.

But…amazed of the outcome! And I managed to get it centered!


Very cool.

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Just a tip for turure alignment until hopefully we all get the snapmark feature!

Measure the engraving target and cut it’s size in a pc of cardboard, put the phone cover in it and it should be aligned.
Make sure you put the engraving art in the center of the cardboard cutting line so when you remove without moving the cardbord pc from it, the engraving would be aligned!

I hope that it’s clear! Lol!


yep, I used this technique all the time, even on my k40 to get my alignment correct. works like a charm, but still has a little bit of play compared to snapmarks. Youll love them when you get access to them!


That’s how I did it for this project. I wish I had snapmark but for a one off I am not sure if it would be that much easier. I will experiment if I ever get blessed with that feature

That’s why I made the fiducial alignment ruler.

You can always just align against it without having to make jigs every time.

Love your work btw!


Thanks! I was so happy it turned out so well. Hopefully I get blessed for Snapmarks so I can try out your tool that you generously shared!