Really need a "Feature Requests" section

Hi Support,

Could you please add a ‘Feature Requests’ category to
This has been requested many times before.
Currently people are posting to the ‘Support’ section but the Feature Requests are being Closed/Locked which stops:

  • OP from following up.
  • Other people from providing their input on the request.
  • Others from Liking/Voting on the request if they want it too.
  • Support following up and making the community happy.

I understand that you are still working on launch features that have not yet been completed but you are losing TONNES of valuable customer input that can greatly help you decide what to do next to keep your existing customers happy and make Glowforge an exceptional product. You will not get this data again as the community will lose enthusiasm due to lack of communication.

This forum software already supports metrics on “Likes” and “Response” that you can use to guage most popular feature requests. You could direct the community to use a specific metric in the category description. There are other community platforms that may do this better. The point is that you need to keep the conversation going and use what the community provides.

When you close a feature request it basically says “I do not care about your input.”
If you say “I will pass this to our dev team” and then never follow up then you are doing the same.

So please add a “Feature Requests” category where:

  • The request remains open until it has been implemented.
  • Community can add addition ideas on how to best implement it.
  • Community can vote on request to identify the ones that should be implemented first
  • Support and Dev team can follow up with limitations, counter ideas, and follow ups to keep the community involved and work towards an ideal feature request spec.


Can’t add 3rd link to all closed feature requests due to “new user” status. So just search “feature request” in 'support" section to see all the closed requests.

Currently we’ve been asked to submit feature requests to Problems and Support. (Once per suggestion.) They do log them.

(Many of the features we enjoy now are the results of earlier submitted feature requests by the customers. And they tend to prioritize them based on interest.)

They generally don’t provide ongoing status updates to customers though.


Thank you for taking the time to create this thoughtful post. We truly value your feedback, and that of the other community members who post ideas and suggestions. I’ve left this post open for discussion for a while, and am going to close it now.

If you’re reading this suggestion or another after it’s been closed, please don’t hesitate to post a new thread, whether it’s to reinforce the idea or suggest a variation. We’re listening!

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