Feature request process? (how to upvote closed feature requests)

Now that I am glowforging away (glowforaging?) I have many things that I see would be good additions. I come and search for someone asking for that feature request (FR) so I can add to an existing discussion, to often find that there was a thread but now it is closed.

For example, in uploading things my upload screen quickly got cluttered so I wanted to see if Folders were already a request. I found a thread where it was opened by a requestor, several piped in within a few hours and it was closed by the staff within 6 hours.

When a FR is closed does that mean there is seen as no room left for discussion? Once something gets into the mythical hopper (or someone “making sure the team sees it”) is that it? It seems closing a FR doesn’t allow for understanding demand. Would 10 people like that feature or 1000? Would that change the priority of it for work by the dev team? With such quick closure, how are they to know?

If I have a FR and I find a closed topic, do I start a new one to add my voice/vote or just see that it was acknowledged and closed weeks/months/years ago and say nothing?

I’m not wanting to rock the boat, being so new to the community, but want to see what the best way is to add my voice/vote to FRs I am interested in, or if adding my voice/vote to closed FRs is not allowed or encouraged.

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This is a great question, I have a similar curiosity. There are may feature requests that I’m sure have all ready been vocalized, but I’d like to add my “weight” to them.

In the hopper.


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Great idea. Should be a separate section of the forum with feature requests and then the number of likes/upvotes or whatever you want to designate it would indicate priorities for the software developers.

At this point they probably have a good idea of the top three requests from the number of times the issues have been brought up over the years. They also haven’t yet implemented every last feature on the original list of features. After they get those two areas working then it would make sense to do a poll to determine customer priorities (biased to those who visit the forums of course). In the past they’ve done both topic polls (see options in post creation tools for ‘build poll’) and ‘give us your feedback’ topics. Time will tell how they wish to proceed with customer prioritization.

Perhaps Glowforge could use an existing platform for this…something like uservoice.com?

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If I have a FR and I find a closed topic, do I start a new one to add my voice/vote or just see that it was acknowledged and closed weeks/months/years ago and say nothing?

I have had several more FR that I wanted to come in and mention, but found existing threads that were locked. Still curious what the protocol is to show additional interest in a FR.

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Right now folks are putting feature requests in Problems and Support. Thats a little problematic, because it opens a support ticket, and the support team’s job is to close tickets. But it’s the only section of the forum that is guaranteed to be seen by staff. So until the time that there is a seperate area for posting/upvoting feature requests, I think what you need to do is the twofold approach:

  1. Give the original FR post a like.
  2. Post a new feature request, which might give at least three days worth of time for others to add feedback/ideas, etc before it gets closed down, maybe more.

I don’t know if “The Hopper” has a weighting mechanism, but it should.
(folders, save custom settings, and the AI Plugin are at the top of my list)

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That is a good idea I hadn’t thought of. It is at least something : )

Still curious if that would be an empty gesture because don’t know if they would ever look back at the likes or not.

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I’m so sorry for the slow reply. Right now, we’re focused on delivering the features we’ve promised you. We are adding to the “hopper” too, so feel free to post here or email support@glowforge.com when you come up with an idea - and it’s ok to do that even if someone else has already posted. Thanks!