Reconnecting my glowforge

HI I am haveing terrible trouble connecting my glowforge and i have tried evertthing can someone please help me I need to get it sorted today as i have orders outstanding

There are some good videos on YouTube. Try “setting up Glowforge” as a search term.

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Why are you having to reconnect - new wifi? If so, make sure it is broadcasting 2.4ghz not 5 G. Here is a video that may help you: Set up again - #4 by Jules


it is and i am still haveing problme

How far do you get?

I am having the same issue. The glowforge will not connect(offline). Also, I’ve tried resetting the wifi with no luck. I can hold down the button for a minute with no result. Any solutions for this?

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You will need to start your own thread in Problems and Support for Glowforge support to address your issue. They limit their attention to one machine per thread.

Hi @cal.robinson - I’m sorry to hear you had trouble connecting to your Glowforge. I checked on your printer, and it looks like the connection issue has been resolved and you’re connected and printing.

@carl.whitley - I see we’ve also been chatting directly over email, and you’ve mentioned you are connected as well. I’m glad to hear it!

Since both of these issues are resolved, I’m going to close this thread.