Remixed Candle Holder/Lantern

Lithopanes look freaky when they’re not backlit…

This is a remix of @designvh619’s gorgeous Frank LLoyd Wright Candle Holder and posted with his kind permission. Same no glue design with tabs & slots sized for med PG or 3mm material. Presented to you in stained Baltic birch ply.

The changes are:

  • overall slightly smaller, at this size it lights up perfectly with a standard tea light candle.
  • rounded corners on the base plate
  • FLW Tree of Life pattern swapped out for pine tree silhouettes (photo subjects used to live in the PNW forest)
  • one side has been modified to hold a 3d SLA printed lithopane (inspired by all the other lovely GFers with their Elegoo Mars, if you don’t have one yet go get one!).

Please enjoy. As per the original and the Free Laser Designs category - personal use only.

lamp lithopane trees.pdf (117.3 KB)


Nice adaptation! Didn’t realize you can make lithopanes with the elegoo too…
Thanks for the share!


Totally gorgeous!!! I love the adaption!!! Great job!


Very nice indeed! And if you don’t have an sla printer, I’ve gotten a pretty decent lithophane out of the Glowforge using white acrylic and 3D engraving. Thanks for the design!


Thank you for sharing.


Looks awesome, and I love the trees! Thank you for the file.

(I can’t buy a Elegoo Mars, because I just don’t have enough time to use the tools that I have. Will I still say that in 2020? )

However, I am going to put this on the urgent project list using @cynd11 's method of white acrylic. Yes!


I used the remix with the trees to make this memorial gift for my sister. She lost her husband Jan 1, 2019. I made the entire panel from white acrylic. She loved it.

Thank you to @designvh619 and @ekla for making this possible.


It looks like a lithophane. It came out great!


That looks amazing and such a thoughtful gift!

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sniffles amazing

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Beautiful,…Thanks for sharing

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I know this thread has been around a while, but today I decided to look at my pinterest for the first time in like 6 months, and I recognized this immediately. Here is the link for you, not sure if you uploaded it or not but thought you should know I found it there.


Well that is irritating, I certainly did not. Thanks so much for letting me know!

DMCA request sent.

I can’t see the link. Is someone selling this file? (My file with a change?)

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That sites provides free downloads of designs from all over the web, many from here but also many that are copyrighted/sold elsewhere.

The don’t care about rights and such. Site is hosted somewhere in Asia last time I checked.

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They aren’t selling it, but I thought she should know, since it’s using her personal photos from the forum.


Yeah, I was assuming Russia. My pinterest feed is filled with cool laser cutting ideas, except that they are all in Russian and all link back to this site.

Yeah. People Suck! UGH!

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Yeah, I love your free-file Fridays and I want to partcipate. But I lack projects to share that I wouldn’t get too angry about seeing someone else making a profit off of. So far the things I have shared, besides my last pair of earrings, I can’t see anyone using them outside of a personal gift for a very specific type of person :rofl: I think I shared a “sensei” ornament that was my first trial ornament project…looking back on it, it looks kind of sad.

It’s only a theory, but I think file format matters when they are stealing it. This one on the thread was a pdf. I found the PDF file on their site in my pinterest. They don’t have a section for SVG, I’m sure they can convert, but if they are converting them, it’s to corel draw or something. Again, only a theory, but I think having it up as a pdf makes it easier to just scan and grab.


Probably not, but they do have a page on DMCA that leads to a contact form so I tried anyway.

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