Repeat Last Job



Would it be possible to implement a repeat last job? It currently has to rebuild the whole job from scratch right now, even when doing exactly the same thing it just did. Depending on what the job is, it can take a LONG TIME, as it is now for me on something I have to make quite a number of.

Would be great to be able to just choose ‘do last job again’ and be on my way

Hopper Request - Repeat last cut
Does print time vary depending on cloud load?

That would be great, in the meantime you can put everything in one svg and get that.


How long is a “LONG TIME”?


I already have everything in an SVG positioned and ready to go, a jig cut to fit the bed exactly, and all of my blanks masked and ready to run. The only hold up is when a job finishes I have to hit print and it has to re-render the job again which takes like 5-10 minutes. If it could just use the previous data and go immediately it would save me having to wander around for that amount of time waiting for the button to start flashing.


5-10 minutes. havent measured exactly, but I know it could use the same exact instructions as before and run without me having to wait


Okay, I misunderstood what you were waiting on. Yeah, no workaround for this until they implement it.


Did they already say it was in the pipeline? That would be great if so


Not that I know of but I agree it needs to be.


Wow that is slow for a 2D operation CAM. I can slice 3D objects and upload them to OctoPrint much faster, and reprinting takes no time to start at all.

Can you tell if it is cloud processing time, or downloading the data that is the bottle neck?


I have a lot of bandwidth, so I think its cloud processing time. This isnt a simple print. There is a LOT going on. Most prints dont take this long, but this is a pretty intricate vector that has been copied multiple times, so its going to take a while. Would just be great if it only had to render the job once though, since its the same every time. Would save them the trouble on their end too. Thats a lot of power to be running


The typical cuts, scores and picture engraves that I do typically take maybe 15 seconds to process and load. His are significantly more complex.


That feature needs to be on top of the hopper pile. :thumbsup:


Absolutely. This should be there on day 1.


Yes. A 2D Laser Printer does this so a 3D one should too!

An alternate (or additional?) hopper item would be a Quantity Button… how many copies do you want to “print”? I’m assuming this would pause the GF and wait for a button push after material changed.


I will be doing a lot of repeat prints and would definitely want this feature!


@dan can you please put this in the hoper?


“Hoper” was probably just a typo, unless it was a very clever play on words. I like it either way, though.


Let’s just say that it was intended… :wink:


Now I’m curious about what you’re cutting!


That’s funny…and pretty truthful, too. Hope springs eternal.