Repeat Last Job

Wedding invites. ~4"x6" each. 3 per job, 1hr 1 min job time, 7-10 mins rendering time per job.


Which is why it is so clear to him this is a needed feature. :nerd::+1:


Exactly =). For every ~100 invites thats ~5hrs of processing time.

I did make a print the other day that was so large the button never started to glow. That was using almost the max size of the bed. It was only for the sake of giving someone an estimate though, so I havent revisited it yet to see what the deal is, or if it was just a fluke.


So in my perception, this is the first negative to the cloud-based control. The big plus is - cloud-based control!
Remains to be seen how this will improve over time with the auto updated software and general evolution of the platform.
One day we will wake up and our machine will behave differently :sunglasses:


I think these are easily fixable hiccups. They might even have one for it already, but just havent implemented it yet. I guess I just wanted to let em know in this case it would make a big difference. This is also probably towards the extreme end of the spectrum as far as jobs go, but I also know I could make these vectors a LOT more complicated, so any time savings would be appreciated.

Its going to be something theyll want for their end too, especially when theyve gone live. Thats a lot of money/cpu time thrown in the trash.

I wouldnt mind waking up tomorrow to this lol. Im only 1/3 of the way through =P. Could still save me 3 hours of processing time


True, but for me this was one of the first that actually worries me a little. I intend to do a lot of repetitive jobs, some of which would have a considerable amount of detail. Hopefully this is one of those “almost done just need tie a bow on it” details. I know all their attention right now is getting a quality product out the door.


Id really love to see a ‘saved jobs’ feature where once you have everything set up and ready to go, when you hit the print button there is a checkbox that says ‘save this job to run again’, and you can name it, and have it ready to go on the fly. This is going to be a bit more for glowforge to handle than run last job again, so I dont know if it would be something they implement though.

Run last job wouldnt really mean any additional work. Saved jobs would require whatever space on their web service to store all the files rendered out. They would still have to be redownloaded, but thats a fraction of the time in the rendering process. I could see it ballooning rather quickly with everyone just saving jobs. Maybe its something down the road they will add if you buy into a pro package or something like that. If they did it for free though, im sure people would be super happy =).


This is just a thought, and I guess it probably goes against their cloud based approach, but it would have been nice to at least have some temporary local storage where you could pick from the last two or three jobs without worrying about processing anything. Still connect &I make sure the universe is fine, but barring issues use local saves file. Just thinking out loud.


Yeah it would be nice. I dont know how much storage they even have on the glowforge. This kind of thing benefits them as well though, so im sure theyre going to try to reduce server load as much as possible once they get all the promised features out the gate. Its just such a glaring optimization.


That would be a HUGE value to me, so it gets my vote too. A lot of what I will be using it for will be repeat jobs, just not at the same time.


I’m thinking one reason for them not to have storage for jobs is that, for a long time at least, the software is changing and any saved jobs might not run correctly with different software.


Thats definitely something to take into account, but I think easily manageable. If they save software version number (or even just a date) with the saved settings, they will be able to tell when something is negatively impacted by changes in the software and alert the user that the settings might not produce the previous output. Definitely a good point to bring up though!


I think the only reason I even noticed enough to bring it up was the processing time on this job just happened to be a bit of a wait. A lot of the things Ive been doing have barely any wait at all. Another added benefit though, would be all of the custom settings in each material etc.

In this job I used proofgrade settings as a base for everything, but I did have to make some changes to keep these from getting flashback damage, as they are a little easier to cut through than its proofgrade counterpart. Saving those changes in the file would be great if I had to come back to it down the road, because I know Id forget… lol


If you can save the setup for a job then the render could simply be cached with it and only recalculated if you modify the job. That way it could be transparent to the UI.


Exactly. This could even become incredibly useful down the road when people start using the same design from the catalog all over the place.


Great feature for the hopper (hoper?). I don’t think @Tony’s talked about it before, but I can see that “repeat exactly the same thing as before, fast” could be interesting for that sort of case.

Saved settings between prints are already in the hopper.


That would definitely be helpful. Perhaps pushing the button would prompt a “Repeat last job?” Dialogue in the UI if no job was currently in progress would be nice.


I see the need for a saved jobs feature and especially for a “repeat last job” feature. I’d almost go so far as to say the latter is essential.


Is that really an issue? I change CAM versions for my mill about once a year and the controller is fairly immature and gets upgraded several times a year. My 3D printer is also updated for firmware and slicer several times a year. I save jobs locally for each system and have no problem at all running them even after several updates.


Sure. A power settings that you use today may be completely wrong tomorrow. So your saved job has become, basically, useless.