REQUEST: Acrylic Sample Chips (with label)

I would like to request some sample chips for the acrylic be made available to purchase. I was hoping for one shade of an acrylic and ordered it, or so I thought it was the right one. Would be really nice to have.


+1 for a nice idea. Maybe a sample square of all the proofgrade material even so you have a taste of them all for reference


You can get cast acrylic from many sources, not just GF shop. Be sure it’s cast, though. Places like Tap Plastics are great!

since they all engrave the same in all glowforges if they are selling samples it would be great for them to look like this Material Test Example Chip w/ the proofgrade settings

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Got some samples from e plastic before machine arrived. Worked well except their buying experience is not to my liking.

All other plastic sources have sample packs, so great idea.

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Totally agree. In fact, it would be great to have PG samples available for the whole shop.

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Thank you all - that’s a great suggestion and I’ve passed it along to our team with a link to this thread!

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