Research and shipping dates



Can’t quite understand why so many of you are getting so agitated about shipping dates. I did my research and was never under any illusions that my unit would turn up in December, or indeed, at any time in the next 6 months. I was also aware of the shipping costs and import duties etc. All of these things, I was aware of BEFORE I ordered.
If you ordered, but didn’t do your research, it’s no good griping about the honesty of @dan. You should instead be looking at your own decision making process’ and perhaps how you could modify them in the future.


I agree! The main page stated that units would start to ship in December. So, unless you ordered in the first 20 minutes of the sale starting, you are probably not going to see a unit for a while.


It sounds like most of the units shipping in December are going to large accounts such as maker space type places. The goal being that they will put the Glowforge through it’s paces and see if there are any hardware issues that need to be fixed before going into full production. It’s a very sensible plan that ensures general consumers don’t get busted hardware.


All three of you are spot on. Nothing but whining and complaining from consumers that know very little about product development and manufacturing. It takes time to finalize the design, identify/qualify sources of supply, ramp up productions, address design issues and so on. I would rather be the 4000th machine (my estimate of where I’m at in the pipeline) out the door and receive it next year with all the bugs worked out than a rush job and disappointment. This isn’t an Amazon Prime product folks. If you don’t like the timeline, cancel the order or stop complaining.


I’m not a particularly patient person, but I’m with you guys. Some things are worth the wait. This looks like it will be one of them.


Please Take your time and make it perfect =) Worth the wait to have it right the first time =)


I had never heard of Glowforge until the afternoon of launch. Read the announcement while sitting in the local craft brewery. By the time I had finished dinner, and a couple craft beers, I had watched an hours worth of video, read a dozen different reviews and had the published specs committed to memory. With what info was available, and assuming normal product development delays, I felt a Glowforge (~#275) would come to me no earlier than April and maybe as late as August. If I can figure that out in 90 minutes while drinking beer, how hard is it?

I really feel like you let us down in a big way
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Another thing to think about, do you really want one of the FIRST ones out the door to be shipped to you? I’m sure they are doing their best, but packaging is tricky. Without an actual production model to stick in a box, all they are doing is planning at this point. I’m perfectly happy to wait a couple months before I receive my GF all the way over here in Thailand.