RevolutionPly settings

I was inspired to try a local big-box for materials and came across RevolutionPly at Lowes. It is sold as an underlayment, but it is advertised as being stainable so I took a chance. If you want an example of a finished project, check out this EverythingElse post.

The material is sold a 0.197-in x 4ft x 8ft sheets around $22. My calipers show this at 0.1811in ( 4.6 mm) instead, but pretty close. It has 3 core ply with 2 veneer exterior layers. I have found no voids so far after cutting down 3 sheets to size. The core is real wood, not MDF.

Scoring: 300/40
Engraving: 1000/100
Cutting: 145/FULL


I have some of their ply. I will have to try your settings, as I was having trouble with it, so thanks for sharing.


I use it a lot. I have then cut @19" which makes exactly 5 pieces. It is somewhat weak, but where that is not a key issue, it is my default.


Are your cut setting similar to mine? Mostly, I am curious how consistent the panels are, but I would also like to know if there is a better setting I haven’t considered.


There is frequently a rubbery bead when a new piece of wood ply starts that is mildly laser resistant. It cuts easily with a razor and is straight across so easy to avoid if you are careful. I use 165 speed and full power to cut with 378 speed and 60 power for score and rarely a problem. It tends to look really bad when engraved :frowning_face:

Edit: to note I am using a Pro.