Ribbon catching on bolt head during print


Posting this here instead of Problems and Suport because I’m not really sure if it is a problem…

I’ve noticed that the ribbon comes into contact with a screw/bolt head as it goes back and forth.

Anyone else seeing the same thing? Just pull it gently forward?


Video isn’t showing but definitely move this to problems and support, or send them an email.


I think I remember someone saying that moving a thread to Problems & Support doesn’t notify staff the same way opening a new thread there does. But I could be misremebering.


No. You are correct.


Yup, that’s why I didn’t move it for them. I should have noted that @jed_ike needs to post a new thread there. Thanks :slight_smile:


I’ll send an email instead of moving it. Don’t want to double up their queue.


On mine about a third of the ribbon cable is glued directly to the gantry surface. This is so the ribbon will track correctly as it folds during the left/right movement of the head. My ribbon has a good bit of distance between it and that screw. Two possibilities: either the ribbon is glued slightly askew or the glue has let go.

Ribbon cable catching on bolt head

Thanks @rpegg! That makes sense. I’ll check how/if the ribbon on mine is glued down.

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