Roc-ion cloth

Has anyone cut roc-ion multi purpose cloth? It is very similar to canvas- I am having a hard time finding the right settings for it.

Can you be more specific as to which cloth? They don’t list a “multi-purpose” cloth on their website.

That sounds like it might be their heavy weight muslin, which is 100% cotton - if yes, try these:



poking around on their website I saw a lot of things about coatings and treatments. I’d want an MSDS and to understand the safety of lasering before searching for good settings.

Yeah, which is why I specified if it’s the muslim that’s just cotton

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Your answer that Roc-ion is like canvas is rather unhelpful, as Roc-ion is the brand, not a specific weave or fabric content or finish…

Do verify what material content you’re getting and if it has been treated/coated. If it’s from their home sewing & craft line, e.g. their muslin or duck cloth you should be OK–likely just has sizing/finishing so it doesn’t wrinkle on the bolt that can be washed out or is very unlikely to be harmful.

I think that the product is no longer available which is why it is not listed on their. website and amazon no longer sells it. I am looking for a fabric that doesn’t fringe similar to 120gm paper that I can cut large scale.
Any ideas?

I suggest looking on sites that are more likely to use fabric. It’s not a common material for laser work.

Check out lightweight felt, it might do exactly what you need