Roll Stamp Dispenser



I did work out a little dispenser for roll stamps based on the earlier mailbox design. This one doesn’t have the clearance for drawers and pull downs, so I came up with something a little different.
(I actually think I prefer this one to the other style anyway.)

There’s a slightly wider slot in the hinge that the stamps feed through. :grinning:


Wow, this might be my favorite yet! Love it!


That is so cute. Makes me want to buy a roll of stamps just to try it!


It’s adorable! Looks like it can accommodate a range of stamp sizes as well. And the design matches the rest of your desk items so well!


Oh wow. @dan should just make a whole category in the design catalog for your stuff.


Every time you post something like this I am simultaneously inspired and dejected that I just don’t have this kind of game. I really would love to see a whole Jules section in the catalog.


This is adorable and beautiful, all at the same time. Know what I’d love to see you do…a round votive holder…unless you’ve already done one and I missed it. There are some square ones…but one made with a surround of living hinge would be gorgeous. I may be doing it myself someday, but for now I just live vicariously. Thanks for all the cool stuff you do, Jules!


:flushed: :flushed: :flushed: Awww…thanks guys! I’m unbelievably humbled by all the kind words…ninety percent of the stuff I design doesn’t look anything like what I thought it would when I start out with an idea. Chuckle!

(And I’m running out of ideas fast…you guys please keep making stuff so I can get some more…'kay?) :slightly_smiling_face:


Just waiting for my Someday Forge.


Wow. Glad you did this one. I’ve been thinking of it and just haven’t gotten around to it. Very nicely done.


That’s awesome


Ditto on that!


I really like that use of the living hinge!


This is the cutest stamp holder ever!!! @Jules you give us all so much inspiration. Thank you!


That is excellent!


These are truly spectacular designs!!! This one is stellar! Desk set by Jules…everyone needs these ! :smile::smile:


Wow! The company sure picked a winner when they gave you a pre release!


I can’t wait for them to put your designs in the store. I would buy that one in a heartbeat. :grinning:


Very cool. Almost enough to encourage snail mail again :grinning:


What are… stamps?? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: