Rubber Stamp Feature

I have a Glowforge Plus. Could you please recommend settings to use using the stamp feature. 1 or 2 passes?

Thank you in advance!

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You will need to tell us what material you are using to make your stamp for more precise help, but you can probably get a lot of information from the years of experience here in the forum that is available via the search function. Just search “stamps”. Here is one thread to get you started. Rubber Stamp Lessons Learned


Hello. I am using a rubber stamp sheet I purchased from Amazon. Rubber Stamp Sheets for Laser Engraving Machine, A4 Rubber Stamp Sheets for Laser Cutter Soft Rubber Sheets to Make Rubber Stamps, 2.3 mm (Red, Dark Gray, Light Gray)

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You will undoubtedly need to do some testing as everyone does with a new material. We can only discuss material settings for non Proofgrade materials in the Beyond the Manual section of the forum. Here is one thread that includes settings for one of the rubber materials available from Amazon. It may give you a good place to start your tests. Cork Coasters and Rubber Stamps - #2 by pltmarket


Ages ago, Danielle Wethington posted about glow forge for stamps, using that material and source. I can’t see the post here right away, but I do have her Stamp blog post bookmarked :wink:

I found her instructions and settings very useful and have created a number of stamps with her technique and settings, including some multi colour/multi plate stamps. (using a draftboard jig for alignment). To get good results, the key for me was the blurred edges step of her instructions and then GF printing with Vary Power.

Here is a one of the multi plate prints I did a while ago.


Thank you!

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