Running into an issue I hope there is a fix for. (Laser stops and the head stops moving.)

So while searching the forums for answers because Supports answer is not the end all be all but it seems it is because the other forum posts I was able to find with similar or same issues support capped it and no resolution was posted other than pay us for a refurb.

Issue: Not every print job does it happen but when it does the file does not matter. When the laser is running I have seen it stop in the middle of a job. It both stops firing and moving but the fans are running and the website shows it counting down. I can push the button to pause the print which the site reflects and I can resume. If I open the lid the job does cancel but the head will not move back to home or at all. Its limp and you can move it with no resistance from the motors. Logs show nothing is wrong that I can see. Glowforge also confirmed the longs don’t show an issue.

So my question is anyone else seen this issue and have you been able to fix it? What did you do? Replace the power supply? Replace the main board? What did you do?

$1,600 is a big no go as a proper fix. There should be a KB with articles for repairing the machine or troubleshooting. $8K for a machine is a lot of clams. We are not talking about $45 microwave.

Other threads that seem to match the issue:

Ran into the same exact issue for a long time. Multiple support tickets, no concrete resolution. Support insisted it was my power supply, that i had to ship it back out of warranty for repair. Another thread hinted at it being a bad lid ribbon cable, ordered a new one but never installed it. Trial and error gave me a kind of bandaid fix i guess and i just stuck with it. For mine, it all came down to the power setting. Any time it would try and fire max power is when it would freeze up is what it seemed like to me. So i never let it go to max, and didn’t end up having the issue again. Haven’t used it much at all in quite some time, so im not sure if it’s still fixed with that workaround. Always wondered if it was a software issue that could have been patched out by now. Anyway, sorry its not a more solid answer, but hope it points you in a good direction maybe.

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First thing to do when you encounter a problem that doesn’t seem to make sense:
Run the gift of good measure on a piece of proofgrade. If that works then your file is most likely the problem.

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That sounds like it’s losing connection. So failing ribbon would be my first guess. Go over it with a fine tooth comb. Look for any cracks/raw spots in the plastic. Make sure the connection teeth are solid and straight.

The thing that Support has that we don’t, is access to the logs of your machine. So, like in @bradyjameswilliams19’s case, they likely saw that the power supply was failing. Sure it’s totally possible to keep something limping along for a while, but the refurbs are like getting a brand new machine for less than 2k, so a lot of people jump on it. Once they get the machine back to their factory they can go over it with a fine tooth comb, fix whatever ails it, clean it up, and send it back out again. So I get why people are annoyed that they jump to that, but I understand why they jump to that.


These are unfortunately two items you can’t officially replace yourself. There’s a FB group that deals with all sorts of unofficial fixes tho.

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Yeah I think it is a power supply issue and sadly GF just wants to sell me a $1600 fix which does not work for me. I’ll keep messing with it and if I find the solution I’ll let you know.

Happens to any file so that eliminates the file being the issue also the same file runs fine on all my forge units.

I have been checking all connections and tracing out the cables and wires. he strangest part is can go several times at 10 min a print no issues then poof stops. Almost like its a controller issue or some fuse trips.

The issue is this is not a cheap microwave. $2K is not something that you can just throw down like its nothing. There should be proper documentation and information on this to repair. Support did look at the longs and said they found nothing. Shoot I even went in myself and pulled the whole logs folder and reviewed it and nothing shows up as an error or problem. So maybe it is the power supply but what’s the likelihood I can get one in for testing. I just keep thinking yeah its $2K but on top of the $8K. I want a real fix and solution I am an Engineer and have the capabilities to address and repair the machine.

is it the friendliest group or another one?

Thank you to everyone who has provided feedback. I do appreciate you.

Additional troubleshooting I have done:
-Swapped print heads with the other glowforge I have
-Ran both for 5 min prints for a couple of hours and the issue followed the machine not the print head.
-Checked the red wire issue but it has the factory “Fix”. I did not proceed to remove it and closely inspect it.
-Checked the plugs and wires.

I mean this sorta points to a power supply issue or a fuse issue.

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