Scanning and nothing else

Anyone else not able to get past the scanning phase of start up tonight?

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Got past the scanning phase and now stuck on centering.

No fan kicks on the head doesnt move - nothing!

Perfect timing with a 50 piece order for a very large company most of us use daily…

There are a series of tests to run through in the writeup below on how to troubleshoot a lid cable issue…it might be a good idea to run them to see if you can eliminate any common causes for the hangups you’re describing while you wait to hear from support.

Stuck Centering/Focusing Troubleshooting

Thanks for the write up Jules!

I followed everything to the T and still got nothing. I am quite OCD about opening the lid only half way too so I am really scratching my head on this. Especially since I ran 12 prints yesterday with absolutely no problems.

I opened one of the free images to print and now I can not get past scanning again. I am keeping the fingers crossed there is something just wonky with my internet this evening and it isnt anything bigger.

Can you use your phone as a hot spot to try and eliminate the internet connection question?

Time to set up your backup plan. Every business that relies on equipment to do their work must have one. You don’t know when you will see a failure and you may not be able to find a fast resolution. Your business is the only one responsible for your deadlines, so I encourage you to find a backup plan now rather than later.

I’m sorry you ran into trouble, but thanks for letting us know everything you’ve already tried. I see you already emailed us about this, too, and I just followed up there with some next steps, so I’m going to close this topic.