Scanning, Centering, no movement

I have been printing for days with many orders and some I still need to finish.
Last night when I finished I turned everything off as normal. This morning I gave my GF a good cleaning. Everything was covered in dust and debris. Made sure not to get fluid into anywhere it wasn’t supposed to. Used Windex on the lid and the base. Then used the wipes and cleaned the tube, the lenses and the white ribbon to the head. Checked everything to ensure correct fit. Ready to start cutting and printing for the day.

Now, the app stuck in scanning. Checked the Community Board. Cool, tried the walk through’s. Turned off the GF, check connections, checked WiFi, checked lid connections. All good.

Try again, the GF starts up goes through the cycles, then it sound lie the head tries to move to center and nothing.

I took a video of the start up to show what the GF is doing.

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Check and make sure the white cable to the head hasn’t come loose.

It is secure.

Well, shoot. Sometimes it’s easy, and sometimes it’s not.

Then my next suggestion, while we wait for Support to chime in, is to start down the steps in this post:

I’m sorry that you’ve run into trouble with your Glowforge. I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.