I have been running through trouble shooting for the past 4 hours trying to get my Glowforge to work. It keeps going from scanning to centering. The printer head is not moving at all the lights are staying bright and nothing works. I have tried everything.

It helps to specify what things you’ve tried, so we can suggest things you might have missed. :slight_smile:

Usually this ends up being either a wifi issue or a problem with the black cable. Don’t assume it’s not wifi just because nothing else in your house has problems with it – the GF is particularly sensitive to irregularities that don’t bother other appliances.

Here’s a list you can check to make sure you haven’t missed anything in your troubleshooting:


Literally tried all of the troubleshooting suggestions. Turned off all my wifi devises. I sent them and email as well and they will probably reach out within a week or so. So i am probably down until then. Unless someone else has something they’ve done to fix it that is not on their troubleshooting guide.

You’ve also opened a support ticket by posting here in Problems and Support, so next time either post or email, but don’t do both as duplicate tickets slow things down. :slight_smile:

The list I linked to was put together by long-time forum members, not by Support, so make sure you give it a look if you haven’t yet. You didn’t mention trying the cell phone hotspot – if it’s wifi that could get you up and running.

They’ll close this post when they find your email ticket, so we won’t get to know the solution unless you tell us. If it’s something we haven’t got on the list of things to try, be sure and let us know so we can add it for people who have the same problem in the future!


Whats the point of using the community if they just close it? I am looking for others feedback on what they might have tried that may have worked. Its pointless to reach out to community if glowforge just closes conversation down. Maybe i am just to new at this to understand the meaning of online community.

If you want to reach out to community without opening a support ticket, you can post in another area, like Everything Else. The Problems and Support area was established specifically for contacting Support; we just weigh in when we can, and keep you company until they get here. :slight_smile:


I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.