Scoring on Padded Envelope

I’m thinking of getting some white padded envelopes. Anybody know if these are ok to score on? I want to add my logo and figured scoring is best. I need these envelopes because they are the only way to ship some board items.

Here’s some I was thinking about using: UCGOU 8.5x12 Inch White Padded Envelopes Water Proof Poly Bubble Mailers Self Seal Mailing Envelopes Book Mailers 25pcs

I don’t see anything about PVC or other harmful materials.

Also any ideas on settings to accomplish this scoring so I don’t use up all the mailers testing? Thank you guys!

, nothing wrong with this that I see but wouldn’t it make more sense to make a rubber stamp using the glowforge and then you’ll just have that to use all the time?


@markevans36301 a stamp is an interesting idea. Currently I’m looking for a quick solution that doesn’t require me to get multiple materials (like rubber and ink). But it’s something I could do in the future. Thank you for your reply!


You’re right, that’s a longer-term solution but a semi permanent one though. I need to make a rubber stamp as that’s something I have not done yet.


Ordering some stickers would do the job too, if scaling up is a concern.


I’d go with highest speed and low (like 5) power to start. It’s actually a pretty thin material so it’s going be be easy to burn through.

It that’s too little, leave it in and do it again. If 2 passes of 5 are good then one of 8 or 10 might be good.

Depending on the size of your logo you can use the address area block or the stamp corner for your tests. Those will be covered by the shipping label and/or stamps. No one will know what’s under them once you ship the packages off :slightly_smiling_face:


I doubt you’ll get any contrast from it at settings that don’t totally burn thru, but it doesn’t hurt to try.

@markevans36301 I’ll definitely be making one down the line!

@evansd2 also a great idea! But not trying to get more materials right now. I’ll consider it if I end up needing them a lot. I don’t think I will, because hopefully down the line I’ll be sending these items in my regular boxes that already have my logo printed on them.

@jamesdhatch great advice, thank you so much. I wondered if it would be a high speed, low power. I imagine it’ll be much like scoring on regular paper, if anything. Since these are pretty big envelopes, I’m not terribly concerned about my logo getting covered up. I think I’ll put it right next to my return address, that way it’s connected and out of the way a little, but noticeable.

@eflyguy possibly. But I imagine this is much like a laser printer machine. if I can get the right settings, I should be able to barely burn the covering without cutting through. And it’s a sturdy enough plastic shell that I sohuld be able to have a little slack.


I think you should be able to get enough burn to “toast” the lines without going through both inner & outer layer and the bubble layer too. But you’ll have to sneak up on it.

I know 5 us the minimum it takes mine to get through masking (otherwise the gummy layer is left) so that’s why I think it’s a good place to start.


This might be too complex, but making your own variation would mean sacrificing just one envelope to be a permanent record of a range of settings you can refer to.

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