Scroll saw bowl import error in GFUI


So trying to do a scroll saw bowl.
created a parametric bowl in fusion, ran cam to do the loops, did the provided post process to export a svg. trying to bring that in to the UI and it hangs and then errors at rendering

I have tried to close and re open the browser a few times


SVG scroll saw

Bowls, Trays and a Cute Hedgehog Sticker
How to design the bowls I see here


I knew this was going to be trouble when just loading up this page was freezing my Chrome browser on iOS. And then a slow load into AI.

Whatever happened in the post process to export to SVG, or whatever is happening in the file creation process - you have almost 14,000 paths created - with 28,000 points. With exception to the outside circle, the interior is made up of paths ranging from about .02-.06".


so the post does not work correctly :? :frowning: herm now to figure out a different way to export this rawr. so normally you would just export the sketch as a dxf and then import to inkscape and save as a svg HOWEVER these are splines and those are not being exported in the dxf. that’s why I modeled it and then ran cam on it



It loaded up for me on the laptop - and finally did on mobile… just hung for a minute trying to parse the directions for the SVG. It’s a lot to parse!


for the GFUI ? or the AI ?


Can you export as line points? If you can as some sort of word doc(CSV maybe?) You can maybe import to excel, run a graph, export as pdf, then walk it through inkscape and gfui?

Ok that sounds long around


lol … not I clue of everything you just said


It loading hardly at all on my phone when looking at it… and then loaded slow in Chrome on my Macbook. And then slow going into AI.

I saved it as a PNG and then brought back into Illustrator and did an image trace. The problem I can think of with that is that auto-trace is never an EXACT thing, and I know that you basically created this mathematically - so I don’t know if their may be minute differences somewhere as compared to the original.


opened the SVG in inkscape and did a print to PDF. trying to import now to the UI


Just to give you an idea of the difference between the 2 files - the auto-trace is 16 paths and 1,213 points.


Ok so I just in grouped it in inkscape, and ya 30,000 things to click on. … how do I tell inkscape to join everything ? because apparently group does not do it


ok this worked
opened the post process svg in inkscape, then did a export PNG from inkscape and it came in in seconds to the GFUI


nope never mind… can only engrave because GF thinks it is a bitmap boo


This version of the file seemed to open just fine in the GFUI for me. I am on a Mac using Safari (10.1.2).

The image is a bit too large, and I needed to reduce it a bit to fit within the print area.

Good luck!


I don’t know that Inkscape will do a group join… in other words, selecting the whole document and joining the appropriate paths. I know that Illustrator will freak out and just connect whatever to whatever. I think that Inkscape, like Illustrator requires 2 points/nodes to be selected and then the join selected nodes command.

I BELIEVE @smcgathyfay says that Corel handles the join function much better - and it’s pretty smart about connecting all paths/nearest path ends when the whole thing is selected?


ugh… so then brought the PNG into inkscape as a bitmap then did a trace and now it importas with a cut line for each side could be a stroke problem. but also the curves are slightly jagged if you zoom in on inskscape


If you can load it into Inkscape, you might want to try the Path->Simplify command as that will do things like merge close points while keeping the path shape. But it can also smooth some things. It might at least reduce the number of paths and points to something more manageable.


Even that file I posted has a couple of problems from the auto-trace, in that not all of the paths are closed/connected… however, since it’s so few paths, it’s easy to go back and join them individually.

I hate auto-trace. :slight_smile:

Your best bet, @clone, might be looking into some Inkscape extensions or plugins to see about doing function plots, which is what I think @jordanloshinsky was getting at with exporting as line points.


trying simply now may take time hopefully inkscape doesn’t crash


21GB of RAM used and still counting for the simply function eck… I have no idea what to do