Picture Stand


After making a photo engraving I decided to make a stand to go with it, because I thought it looked better propped on a table instead of stuck on a wall with Command velcro strips. The stand itself is pretty basic, so the file can easily be edited to fit whatever size frame you want to prop up. It was designed with 1/8" proofgrade plywood in mind, and the joints have been kerf adjusted!

Also…if anyone has a better way to upload SVGs, let me know! This is actually my first time trying. Including a PDF and AI file (version C5) as well.

2 piece photo stand.pdf (47.1 KB)
2 piece photo stand.ai (47.1 KB)
2 piece photo stand

Parametric picture stand

Thank you Steph! Simple and elegant–it’s perfect!


SVG came through just fine. Good job.


Thanks, Steph — that’s definitely a keeper!


Thank you! I have been meaning to make something like this, and you just made my life easier.


Thanks, @steph! You just saved me a chunk of time trying to design exactly the same kind of item.


Nice simple design…perfect!! Thx😄
I grabbed the pdf…Corel doesn’t play nice with some svgs😒


Nice, thanks. The svg came through fine for me but everyone has a different browser so I’m going to try to remember to upload a zip of everything from here on out.


Ooh! Very handy! Thanks for sharing! :smile::+1:


This is fantastic! Thank you so much, Steph! I have just been thinking about ways to show artwork and this fits the bill perfectly. I love the simple and very gorgeous design.


You’re welcome, everyone!! :blush:


OK…there’s always gotta be one…and I’m it. I just opened this SVG in Affinity so I could see it. It opens in pixel measurement instead of inches, so I’m unsure of how to change the size. I have my preferences already set up in Affinity to use inches instead of pixels. I don’t even know how to ‘translate’ pixels to inches. Anyone?


Oh no! Sorry to hear the file is giving you trouble. I’ve never used Affinity so I can’t be much help, but I’m sure someone here will know what to do!


It would depend on the resolution of the file? If it is 96 ppi, then it is 96 pixels per inch, if it is 600 ppi then it is 600 pixels per inch. Since SVG is a vector format it really doesn’t matter since it is resolution independent. If you scale it, then you would be affecting the kerf.


Not your fault at all. Hopefully, I can get it figured out…I’d really like to use it.


Thanks for answering this. I guess I figured since Steph said it could be edited, that it would scale accordingly, but I guess I can scale it in the GFUI using the ruler. But, is that what you mean will change the kerf?


I think she means that you could edit the individual points.

For 1/8 thick wood the slot were they intersect has to stay 1/8 of an inch (plus or minus the kerf (the thickness of the laser))*.

*disclaimer: I have never owned or operated a cutting laser.


Yes, @bwente instinct is correct. if you just size it in the GFUI you trash the kerf.

I know nothing about affinity but get your scale worked out for this and then do a “save as” and edit the parts other than the places where the two pieces slide together.

This is one of those projects that would be great for open SCAD but sadly I know nothing about programming in it.

I could make a parametric on in F360 though if it continues to be popular.


Awesome. Thank you!


Very kind of you … and very nice! Thank you! :star_struck: