Seeign lots of problems and support post not closed by "Staff"

coming in from a long vacation and catching up I’m noticing a lot of the P&S topics closed by @staff but the member closing either has an automated owner title or no title. It would be helpful to ensure 100% of these people have ideally the icon/badge indicator and the staff title but should at least have the staff title set.

At a minimum they should not have an owner title set as it provides the appearance of a non-official person providing an official action.

As a search for people with staff designation only turned up 35 users I don’t anticipate this to be too much effort.


I think you can rest assured that if a thread is closed, it’s been done by an official person. Us mortals don’t have that power.


I think they all had the staff badge (or was it a shield) until the “owner” tag came out and that seemed to replace everything else.


Thanks for the feedback! I’ll pass it along to the team.