Tag.. You're it! I think. (Request)



When Staff replies to a Problems & Support case, can they please be required to use the Staff tag rather than Owner, or Regular, or what have you. It’d be nice if it’s clear that the response/request is from a Staff member rather than another Muggle like me. :slight_smile:



I would like to second this at least second time suggested to staff:


Oops! Didn’t mean to double/hijack the request. :slight_smile:


it was mostly ignored before. I was hoping to emphasize your request.


There is the Staff Tag, Staff Title, Shield Icon, and Avatar bug. Good variety, little consistency.

All the staff have the tag, but you have to click their profile to see that.

Not all the staff have changed their title to Staff.

Only a few staff use the Shield Icon in their name, or the Avatar Bug, although @dan and @bailey use both, as well as having the Staff Title set.
08 AM


Is the shield to protect them from slings & arrows? :slight_smile:


Well, they have had outrageous fortune, and if the shield is protecting them from slings and arrows then it follows that they have indeed taken arms against a sea of troubles, and mean to end them.


Thank you both for the suggestion. The Customer Success team is now titled and badged appropriately.

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