Server too busy?

Anyone get this error message?? It started with that and now saying can’t connect to server. Ughhhhh I have orders to complete

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Seems its down now?

I think the server is down. I first got word my Glowforge was off-line and then the app.glowforge threw a 503 error.

I hope one of these days they offer offline connections through an application for those of us that have the hardware to run it.

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Yes. Just tried to print some things. File uploaded. Got the “no artwork” notice. Then the error and can’t connect to server. :anguished:

Glad to know it’s not me. Web page won’t even load.

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no Luck here either, cant even load page… grr have markets on the weekend

Ok it’s not just me then… We’re all in the same boat lol. Too many people making awesome things at the same time!!

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We need an offline option. I got rid of another machine because of this exact same problem, and I was worried about this when I made my purchase. I don’t get upset that often, but I have a limited window to complete my orders, and I can’t have this. It was easily avoidable by creating an offline solution, but everyone needs to push their stores these days, it’s more important than making sure we’re happy. I also lost about 20 minutes of layout on some scraps that I have to sort out now.


I agree an offline option would be great! Maybe they can’t come up with the “steps” without being online? I know my silhouette does it and honestly thought the Glowforge would be the same is unreachable so I’m gonna guess Google’s servers are having an issue

Time to find something else to do for a bit :-/

This page is up and looks like they’re working on the issue now.

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No outages are posted on

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It kinda came back but my machine isnt listed

Haha, stop making awesome stuff for a minute!

I got back in, not sure if it’s stable yet.

I was able to get my layout back, I just went into my browser history, loaded the edit page and it was saved, so that saved me a headache, and if anyone else was in the same boat, give that a shot.

Sadly it turns out their green checkmark doesn’t actually mean there are no problems, just not a lot of them! :frowning:



I’m still not connected but the kids have swim so I guess its time to take a break from the awesomeness!! Good luck everyone


This is like the third time in the 2 years I’ve had my machine that there’s been an outage. Statistically, that’s a pretty good track record. Grab a cup of coffee and take a break, it’s not likely to last all that long. :slight_smile:


this is the part of using the forge that i dislike.
could not connect at all then, could connect but…
refresh bed image is not happening. it says scanning but the new image never show. is it me? it is my router/network, if it them? is it the black cable of death?
the vulnerabilities of the network based system and all the permutations of failure between hardware and inter web makes this maddening to resolve. a wired option would be great