Settlers of catan?

I have seen it played from across the room and understand it can be frustrating at times and has a pretty good sized following to it. I have never played it before, until this week.

There was mention or promise before of what was in the promo video would be available to owners as digital files, and there was some previous discussion that the catan tiles design had some licensing things to get around first… But I can no longer find those specific posts.

The friend who brought the game over and played it with me for the first time, I’d like to make her a wooden catan map and a new carrying box to hold the main set and the 6 player expansion set together. If Glowforge has that version available, can someone link it, or if anyone knows of another place for a catan board file, or have made one themselves and don’t mind sharing for the gift here (or just to me as a private message) I would be greatly appreciative!


I don’t know about the Glowforge version but there are a bunch of options available on Thingiverse. A few examples:

There a lot more than that.


There’s a version available here, though not the one you’re referring to I don’t think.


…and do note that that version needs some correcting. The “ANY 2:1” should be “ANY 3:1” or something like that. Maybe that was the only thing, though.

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Yes… The ultimate post I saw about it said something to the effect of “You’ll be getting everything you saw in the video, including the Catan tiles, once the catalog is opened.” So you should be fine. Wonder when the catalog’ll be opened.


I’m actually working on a Settlers of Catan board build. Actually, I’m incorporating the Basic, 5-6 player expansion, Seafarers, and Cities and Knights. (approximately 60 tiles + borders, number pieces, fishing hole, fish, and fishing chevrons)

My parents are HUGE Catan Fans and they already own all of the above games. But I wanted to make them a “deluxe” edition to stay at home. I’ve put in about 30 hours tweaking designs and creating the border pieces. It will certainly be a forum post once I get done with it, but it’s not ready quite yet.

I’ve found that the number pieces need to be closer to 1 inch diameter in order to have good visibility at normal playing distances (about 3 - 4 feet away). Which means that the holes in the designs that @andistarnes posted, need to be enlarged to allow easy access to the number pieces.

This has been a great way for me to really learn Inkscape really well. I’m not a master at it yet, but I’m quite comfortable with it and can do many things quickly now.


Looking forward to it! Will you use a mix of materials (i.e. wood + acrylic, etc?)

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Yes very much looking forward to it!:grin:

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That is still up in the air. My initial thought is to make everything out of wood and I’ll dye the sea and border pieces blue. But I’m also toying with the idea of making the base of those pieces out of wood (curly maple), and adding transparent blue acrylic to the top in a kind of inlay situation. But that will require a bit of experimentation to make sure I can bond them together well without weird crazing underneath.

I’m leaning more towards just making the whole thing out of wood. As a woodworker, it’s what I know, and I have a decent idea of what it should turn out to be.


I don’t think the catalog will have any parts on first release (they haven’t been catalog-ized) but stay tuned!


@dan will you be adding this to the catalog because i tried downloading the file you guys provided but the render times out any tips or any way you can repost the file?

We will if and when we get rights to do so - in the mean time, just send part of it at once. It’s several prints’ worth!

@dan that’s the issue tho I can’t split it up the PDF glowforge provided is one page with all the things in it and if there is a way to separate a PDF into a bunch of parts I don’t know how so if you could help me with that that would be awesome thanks

@niccoli.joseph, you will need to open the PDF in one of the vector drawing programs to separate the parts…either Illustrator, or Inkscape or CorelDraw or Affinity Designer. Those are the most commonly used programs.

If you have not ever used any of those programs, there are instructions and beginner tutorials for how to do simple tasks listed in the Matrix here:


Anybody find a card tray design that they like?

I’ve got my eye on this one by @pubultrastar: Owyn's: Another Monopoly Board

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