Shadowbox Acrylic Coasters and Snap Together Holder

Where if possible can get more patterns. Like these. Would love to have more pictures to do this with.

Did I miss it? What thickness acrylic did you use? I searched thru the thread but couldn’t find it

It’s in the very first post:

Medium is the :proofgrade: equivalent of 1/8" (thick is ~1/4")

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Thank you so much for sharing this design! I created a customized version that used butterflies to make a shape only when all of the coasters are placed together as a birthday gift.



I was looking for a dimension so I glossed over the “medium”. Thanks

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That looks amazing!!! Thank you for sharing the picture with me!!


very pretty, thank you! Your designs are fun, and inspiring!

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Thank you! I just love creating interesting things.

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I ran with the winter coasters and decided to do one set for each season! I have never seen my mom so excited about a glow forge project!


They are awesome!!! So glad she liked them! Love the 4 seasons! Great job!!!


That is a homerun. Congratulations @dr.loganmurphy, you inspire us!


I would buy the pattern if I could use commercial

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I have it on my Etsy shop with commercial license. :slight_smile: Excited Atom Design.


If you click on his photo there’s even a link, no searching required :slight_smile:

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Beautiful. Thank you.

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First post! Just wanted to share and say thanks - Made a Star Wars version for my Dad. He loved it!:heart::tada:. Thanks for all the inspiration and great files @designvh619 @daltonspdx @arh2


Very nice indeed!


Looks awesome! Now I want to Make a star wars themed set. LOL


Nice, I like what you did!


Elsie, I’m relatively new at this but when I tried to print these acrylic coasters, they came out awful with many many horizontal lines throughout the entire print. Am I missing something. I don’t have a lot of acrylic left and it is not proofgrade (from cerulean tide? Ive used before with similar results as I got with the proofgrade acrylic, so I don’t think that is the issue, but who knows). I think I have just enough to get it done but not enough to test a lot of settings. Might you have some advice?

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