Share/Export project with material, speed, power, passes settings

Sorry if this is a dumb question. It seems like a basic/standard feature that should exist but I searched through manual, and this forum, and could not find an answer.

How do I Share/Export/Download a Glowforge project, which I created, with others so that it retains all the settings: material, speed, power, passes (per layer/operation)?


  • I am an add on user on friends Glowforge and have uploaded SVG files, configured all the cutting settings, and now want my friend (on machine) to be able to use the same project.
  • I want to share a project with other friends that have their own machines.

Maybe there is an alternative way to do this? Can these machine operation settings (material, speed, power, passes) be defined in SVG/PDF files so that others can import the project and be ready to print?


First off, welcome to the forums.

I’m sorry but there is no automated way to do that at this time. Just share the SVG or PDF and the power/speed/passes in a note if your not using :proofgrade:, thing is, for the settings to even do much good the other people would have to have the exact same material.


A long time ago I asked about that and Dan said it wouldn’t do me any good anyway because the uploaded file is a in a different format on the server.

Thanks for the responses.

One of the projects I want to share is a test cut template to determine what power/speed/passes is best on different woods. It has many steps that use different combinations and takes a long time to setup in the app. So sharing SVG with notes wastes a lot of time.

Another project uses Proofgrade materials which is supposed to be the exact same material.

Right, that is why I want to share the project that is on the server rather than SVG/PDF file. The project does not need to leave the server; it could be shared in the app by entering another users email address.

Perhaps I should submit this as a feature request? I would think that Glowforge would want the community to grow and one of the quickest ways to do so is to allowing sharing of print ready projects. They already do it with the sample projects.

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I keep hoping for a better home screen that would allow us to share our personal catalogs with each other.


Welcome and thanks for posting. This has been a frequently requested feature. There exists a “hopper” somewhere that has accumulated years of suggestions. They get fulfilled sometimes, but many don’t. It’s always ok to add your vote.

Here is one such suggestion as a post.

I hope you read through a lot of the old posts to get a perspective on things and especially to learn how others have dealt with some of these perceived deficiencies by some special workflow or technique.


Thanks for the suggestions! I’ll make sure the team gets them.