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I keep seeing posts about shipping dates, like actual real dates, and I can’t seem to find one for ours anywhere. It’s not on our account page, not under Shipping, no new email…there’s simply no “estimated shipping schedule” anywhere to be found. The closest I’ve found was a list of purchase that said “Ready for shipping!” Am I to expect this to show up later on my account when it’s actually almost totally not ready for shipping (six weeks?)

If it’s needed for context, we bought 10/22 during the campaign.

You should have received your email already. Double check your spam folders. If not there, contact The date disappears after your email has been sent.

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If it has disappeared from there, it may be because they’ve sent the email or they’re about to late this evening.

If, when you email, you don’t receive the robo response, you’ll want to check your spam settings.

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Check your Spam folder.

The estimated date goes away when they send your email asking for your address. So they may have already sent you the email.

11/22 was day 29 of the campaign. Did you order a Basic or Pro?

Since you posted this in #problems-and-support, a Support Ticket has been generated, so there’s no need to email them. [edit: except to test the auto-responder :grinning:]

[Edit 2: all of the responses above this one came in while I was typing this one (typing on iPad is so slow). So my comments were not intended as contradiction of prior replies.]

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True. Unless you’re you’re testing your spam settings.

I was adding the edit as you typed :blush:

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Nothing as far as I can see in spam, our last email was the “hey we’re ready to ship your glowforge” sent on 12/11. We ordered a basic on 10/22 during the campaign so I’m very confused what exactly is happening here as there’s no dates on the account page either, and no emails confirming shipment or anything of the sort. I don’t mind waiting, but I sort of would like to be clued in on where we stand!

That’s the one that gets you in the production queue. if you said yes to ship it and confirmed your address then it’s in the factory build process.

You should get an email with the tracking number when it ships but reports here are that’s not always the case, or you get it just before or even after it gets delivered. You’re encouraged to sign up for UPS MyChoice because you may see it show up there before you get an email (it usually shows up as soon as Flex creates the shipping label).


I checked your account and verified that we’ve started your shipping process. We’ll send you another email with tracking information as soon as your Glowforge ships.

I’m going to close this thread–if you don’t see the email within five weeks from the day you provided your shipping address, please let us know.

We’re so excited to get you your Glowforge!

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