Shipping disaster

Poor packaging of proofgrade.
Already sent an email to support.


Seen worse. Support will want to know if anything was damaged. If not, the post will probably go in the very large bin titled “things to do better in the future”.


Eh, Even damage they just will forward it on to ‘trace the issue’ and close the thread.

Are those the large sheets?

Yes. I thought I’d save some money by buying the larger sheets of plywood and acrylic.

Uh-oh. They used to send those in an oversized box that was ridiculous for shipping…the cost would have been monumental. I’m glad to see they reduced the packaging, but it looks like they might need a lesson or two in how to secure the cardboard around it.

Check to see if the material has been damaged in any way - it might be fine inside, which is what you want. The cardboard looks bent, but the material might be fine inside. (And I need to order some more, which is why I’m interested.)


I could see unprotected material at the ends of the damaged package so I told them at the UPS Store to ship it back.

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I’d have checked it first. Were the ends damaged that you could see?

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Bummer. :roll_eyes:


In the past i haven’t had any issues but i have a shipment coming so we’ll see how this one fairs…

Well, we know the next batch of smaller PG boards will be coming from your damaged larger ones :slight_smile:

Bummer you have to wait for new ones now…

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Sadly true…

I’ve only had 3 (including the original bonus materials) shipments from them, and all 3 were packaged very well. Hope you are able to get it sorted quickly.

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