Should I have received the Pro Shields? (if unit shipped Nov 15)

Glowforge folks:

In the unpacking of my Pro GF (shipped: 11/15/2017) , I didn’t find any Pro Sheilds, nor do they appear installed. Given the posts:

@Rita (Oct post):

In the next few weeks, Glowforge units will start being delivered with Pro Shields installed already.

@dan :

Pro Shields are also being shipped pre-installed shortly.

I wasn’t sure if I should find them in there or not (no giant rush, just wanted to ask, because I’ll certainly want them eventually)


Shields would be pre-installed. For those that didn’t get them during assembly would be sent separately.

The announcement released on November 15th the same day yours was shipped said “shortly”.


Do not forget this one thing, dear friends: With the 'Forge a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day. The Update is not slow in keeping its promise, as some understand slowness.


The shields aren’t really necessary (in my opinion, of course) - the rubber gasket over the slot covers it completely, so it’s safe (unless you have something in the slot). I think the shields are more for settings where Pro owners want to convert the Pro into a “Type 1” laser device for legal reasons, like in a school or a MakerSpace, where insurance/liability might be an issue.

GlowForge has said that they will ship the shields for free to all Pro buyers (that didn’t receive them) when they are available.


Pro units are now being delivered with the shields in place. The OP was just a day too early. Will have to wait for the company to backtrack.


Did you get yours? If so, congrats! :tada:


Oooh! Congrats! :grinning:

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Sorry for the slow reply – you’ll get your Pro Shields when we send them out to all the customers who are awaiting shields!

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