Show off your glass engraved spice jars!

I would like to get some glass spice jars and engrave them using the Glowforge. Can you show me what you have used and a link so we can find them too? Would like to add these to my wedding registry. :slight_smile:

Also curious as to the technique (water/soap? other?) you used and settings (I have a Pro).

We need this sooooooooooo bad! Our spices are just a mess with all different kinds of jars and taking up way too much space because we can’t organize them.

Thank you!!


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Do a quick search of the forum - spice jars. There are several examples.

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Soap - check out this post: Slainte Mhath Whiskey bottle for an example where the soap didn’t cover the full design so you can see the differences right next to each other :slight_smile:


thanks for pointing that out! Very good to know.

wow I like those spice jars! Thank you!!!