Simple Key Hooks

Since we’ve moved into our new place a few months back, I’ve been wanting to make a place for our keys. We tend to just throw them on the counter by the door, or on our kitchen island, and sometimes they get misplaced in the mess. Figured I’d finally get around to making a place for them.

Made from two layers of medium pg cherry ply for both the hooks and the backing. In hindsight I could have used any other wood for the back since we’ll only ever see the sides, but I like the uniformity of it. The hooks hook onto the back of the front panel, and slide into a taller cutout in the second panel. Had to add a slight rounded edge in order to hook them I to place.

Everything came together pretty nicely, I sanded the sides that would be glued together to make for a better adhere, and the only part I could have done better was the cutout kerf for the hooks; these were slightly bigger than they needed to be, but gluing them in place fixed that right up.


I like the backer plate so that your wall does not get scuffed up.


Nice hook design!


Looks great!


Thanks for sharing your project @raymondking32 ! It was very helpful for me to learn your technique for the hooks, using the different slot sizes-- now I’ve got some hooks designed that I can use on other projects! We needed a place to hang our (home-sewn) masks, and know whose is whose, so I made this. I accidentally forgot to set the initials above the hooks to engrave instead of cut, but it wasn’t worth redoing the whole project. My hooks are much smaller than yours and I only did a single layer, but I think it’ll work for us. Thanks again!


Glad the idea was useful to someone else! I would have gone with the single layer hook but with my big, dumb clumsy hands I probably would have broken half of them off by now :sweat_smile:


Give me a few weeks and I’ll let you know if they’ve held up to my not-often-so careful hands!! :slight_smile: