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This is a really cool kinetic sculpture that creates sand art:
It would be fun to make a similar table, or surface that used a spirograph type gear system, such as the duograph:

Zen Garden CNC End Table

Is that Shapiro related to @dan ?


That guy, Dan Shapiro is for real. I saw some of his work at the Children’s museum in Minneapolis. Very inspirational.

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That is amazing! I would love to figure something like this out and make one. Good find!


This is so very cool and mesmerising to watch… Saw the prototype (one one very much like it) at the 2015 Bay Area Maker Faire. It was really straightforward – an Arduino-driven X/Y gantry with 2 NEMA stepper motors & a rare earth magnet at the intersection. Non-ferrous base with sand on it and a steel marble on top. If I recall, that version was programmed in Processing…


Wow. The mind is willing, but the wallet is weak.


I love Bruce Shapiro’s work–it’s great to see that he’s now selling his pieces for the home market. I sure can’t afford one, but wouldn’t I love to? Yes.


They will be at the maker faire in New York ! Wish I could go ( first to see the GF though). :pensive:


Oh wow! That is sweet. :money_mouth:
But expensive right now

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I am amazed…even enchanted…by artists!

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That’s mesmerizing. I’m fairly certain my stupid dog would kill himself or the table trying to catch the ball. He’s real dumb, though. Normally intelligent dogs probably wouldn’t.

The only thing I don’t really like about it is the style of the table. But you’d probably spend all your time too entranced by lights and movement to notice the table :slight_smile:

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