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One of my co-workers has asked me to build a presentation box for a proposal. They’ve requested the box have the dimensions of : 17.5" x 11.5" – and I am looking for suggestions on the best way to do this? I normally work with the PG material that comes in a sheet of 12" x 20" – but I’ve never tried to create anything using the full sheet. It always seems like the camera/area I have to work with does not allow me to use the entire space/sheet. Thanks in advance for any advice or suggestions! I appreciate it.

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The max cuttable area at the moment is just shy of 11”. Basically 10.9xx X 19.45”ish.

Basically, to hit the 11.5” mark you’re looking for, you’d need to look into some methods of joinery to combine two piece of material.

@evansd2 had a great post somewhere that he put together on different joints. A lot of them, or maybe all, could be adapted to work as joinery that would be both decorative and functional.


Butt joints:

Finger joints:


I have successfully cut 12 inch pieces by cutting 10 inches, rotating the stock 180 and cutting 2 more. The trick here is registration. Snap marks could help, or clever design.


Thanks for all the information! I’ve been pouring over it, and am going to try to go with a joint type solution tonight. We’ll see how that comes out! I’m uncertain how to use snap marks, but it sounds like it’s worth looking into.

fingers crossed

If you don’t see the horseshoe magnet in your GFUI, then snap marks are a moot issue for you:
If you do see it, then to make things larger than the printable area you need to have a Pro. If you have both of those things it is a simple matter of some math and some experimentation.

Even if you have both a Pro and Snap marks enabled, sometimes you have to use butt joinery. This illustrates the concept:

Not as elegant as evansd2’s work, but they got the job done.


Thanks for the information. I have a Basic, so I am not sure if I’ll have the magnet snap ability or not. That being said, I will load it up this evening when I get home and see what is available.

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