Sliding lid box


Making a sliding lid box. Started out with the bottom section

Boy howdy I learned when doing an engrave make sure it is the right direction to maximize engrave efficiency!!


LOL, yeah, rooky mistake. Bet that took a while!


%90 of total!! Aprox


Pressed together no glue


Next is to measure top


ah man this looks good. Ive been waiting to get a machine that can do consistent depth engraves for stuff like this. This is making me antsy!


what did you use for the engraving? It’s okay, it’s :proofgrade: so you can say. :smile:

Can you believe I’ve had a PRU at the house for many weeks and have not done an engrave for slotting yet!

Glad someone is doing things I’ve not gotten to.


Lookin’ good!


I used Inkscape to edit the design I made off
of I used the darker engrave setting twice to get the depth of engrave I wanted :slight_smile:


Forced to do short repetitive engrave for lid :japanese_ogre:


Is that the icon for proofgrade? :proofgrade: yup :slightly_smiling_face:


Lid done


That is a beautiful job. Thank you for sharing.:slightly_smiling_face:


This is beautiful. Looking forward to trying this out myself, someday.


So…I’m guessing…you had to place this back IN the Glowforge and run it again? Or was this before you took it out to assemble? Otherwise, how did you align it correctly to run it again?


A variant of this is going to be a presentation box for one of my knife sharpeners very soon!
Thanks for the inspiration



laughed so hard. LOL still laughing hahaha


I guessed that it needed two engrave runs so I ran the engrave twice and the cut once🙂


What settings did you use for the engrave? I have been experimenting, but no luck. Thank you!