Slow, glitchy app fix

We were having a lot of trouble with slow app, and noticed that several others were posting with similar problems; wanted to let everyone know that clearing your browsers cache and cookies may work for you, as it worked wonders for us. What a joy to be able to manipulate the app in real time, with no 10 second delay! Google “clear cache and cookies for (your browser)” and follow instructions. Cheers! (Apologies if this is opening a support ticket, please disregard.)


Good info, and hopefully it helps folks!

This does open a support ticket (any post in this category does) but I’ll move you over to Tips & Tricks where hopefully people who have questions are looking! :slight_smile:


Did you clear all cookies, or just the ones that were for the glowforge domain?

Since the conglomeration of cookies evidently affected performance, I clear them all hoping for improved performance across all processes on the browser.

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Yeah that’s what I am trying to get at. Is this a case of glitchy slow GF app, or just glitchy bogged down browser-itis?


Might be a tough one to test since GF is using at least a few different services in the background from other domains.

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The app runs smoothly independent of an internet connection once a design is loaded. Obviously you can’t print and changes aren’t saved until you connect again. It even saves changes after your connection is restored, as long as you don’t refresh the browser window.

Cleared everything. Browser wasn’t bogging particularly, but GF app was like molasses. Now smooth as silk.


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